Pet of the Month: October


Coleen Reinhardt

Melvin displaying his sophistication while sitting on top of paperwork that Junior Casey Reinhardt’s mom is working on.

This sophisticated, adorable-looking tomcat is Pet of the Month for October. His name is Melvin and he is owned by junior, Casey Reinhardt. Melvin is a two-year-old grey domestic short-hair. 

After being chosen out of four other cats, Melvin was adopted on January 4, 2019. His original name was Anderson, but was renamed Melvin after another grey cat that Reinhardt once saw at Petco. 

During the day, Melvin is very calm. He typically can be found hanging around the house or taking naps on the couch. However, around 9 p.m., his personality completely changes as this time is known as his “crazy kitty time.” During this time, Melvin can be found playing fetch with drinking straws, chasing Reinhardt or batting his legs as he walks around the house. 

Reinhardt states, “Even though he’s a jerk, he’s too cute to be mad at.”

Overall, Melvin matches his uncanny obsession for straws with his adorable, lovable personality.