Do’s and Don’ts of online learning


This image was accessed via Google Images under the Creative Commons License

Keeping a daily planner or to-do list is a must for online schooling.

Since the Trinity Area School District is currently doing all-remote instruction, there are many tips regarding what to do and what not to do in yet another time of change.


  • Submit classwork on time.
  • Try to follow your bell schedule. 
  • Find a “professional” setting that’s not in your bedroom or somewhere without any distractions.
  • Try to move as much as possible throughout the day or between each class to stay awake and energized.
  • Keep in contact with teachers to show you are working or to ask questions if you need help.


  • Sleep in during the morning classes.
  • Be on distracting devices all day.
  • Skip important lessons.
  • Leave the room when a Google Meet is present.
  • Go to bed too late.

Even though not all online learning circumstances are ideal, the Hillers can make it through these challenging times. Stay strong everyone!