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Seniors are diving to an end

Seniors are diving to an end

Maddie Spencer

May 22, 2019

An era has almost ended. An era of my mom screaming for me to wake up 50 times every morning. An era of constantly being negative ten dollars in my lunch account. But most importantly, an era of me attending high school has almost ended. Now, to be honest, I am quite confused about what I am supposed to do ...

2019 brings New Year resolutions

January 16, 2019

New Year resolutions are common for people who want to better themselves.  They include goals to break bad habits, change appearances or to even rid past mistakes. With a quick Google search, you can find that the definition of resolution is a firm decision to do something or to avoid doing something. Pe...

How early is too early to celebrate Christmas?

Morgan Kafana, Editor-in-Chief

December 4, 2018

As the holiday season quickly approaches, traditions such as decorating the outdoors with lights, hanging stockings, putting up the tree, baking sweet treats and watching holiday movies are all things that need to be done. To begin, the holiday season is filled with great memories of opening gifts and r...

Seniors sense stress as college draws closer

Seniors sense stress as college draws closer

Maria Cimino

November 2, 2018

College applications and scholarships and financial aid, oh my! The beginning months of the school year are always stressful for everyone, but for seniors, it’s a whole different beast. Throughout high school, students are followed by the underlying theme of “this is all so that you will get into a ...

Trinity undergoes parking changes

Trinity undergoes parking changes

Maddie Spencer, Editorial Editor

October 3, 2018

Trinity students and faculty are having to adjust to new parking requirements.  In previous years, student drivers parked behind the gymnasium and the teachers parked in the front lot.  However, this year the students and teachers have swapped spots, mainly due to safety concerns. Mr. Samosky, principal,...

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