Welcoming Ms. Kinney



Special Education teacher, Ms. Kinney gets a holiday picture taken the 2019 season.

Ms. Kinney is a new member of the Trinity staff and is not only a special education teacher but also a co-teacher in Mr. Swarrow’s eleventh-grade and Ms. Shaw’s twelfth-grade English classes.

Kinney came to Trinity because she really enjoys the atmosphere at the high school. Mainly because as soon as she was done with her interview she instantly felt comfortable. Trinity is everything she expected and more. She appreciates how friendly every student and each staff member equally is.

Part of the culture in Trinity is the personality each student has; everyone is unique in their own ways. This was one of the main reasons why she chose teaching at the high school level rather than the elementary or even middle school level.

Kinney attended American University for four years but later went to the University of Pittsburgh for graduate school to obtain her degree in teaching.

 Kinney said that her seventh-grade teacher gave her the inspiration to become a teacher and stated, “She made every day enjoyable and different.” 

This encouraged Kinney to become a teacher, as she hoped she could inspire other children while making every day enjoyable for herself.

However, Kinney stepped away from the idea of teaching because of self-doubt concerning her ability to teach, but she eventually came back to her passion for teaching in her late twenties.

Now, Kinney knows her worth and will continue to be a great special education teacher and co-teacher in English classes until she retires. She notices all the hard work the students put into everything and could not be more excited to see their smiling faces when they graduate.

A statement Kinney wanted to add, and couldn’t be any more proud to say is, that she indeed is “happy to be a Hiller.”  And in return, Trinity High School sends Ms. Kinney a warm welcome.