Dr. Demian begins new role as assistant principal


Gina Gossett

Dr. Demian smiles in his new office at THS.

As the 2019-2020 school year begins, Trinity High School has the important job of welcoming a new assistant principal, Dr. Demian. With his years of leadership experience and his excitement to become a Hiller, Demian is eager to start the new school year.

Even though he has only been able to interact with Trinity students for a couple of weeks, Demian can already see what sets Trinity apart from other high schools across the country. Demian is blown away by the positive attitude of Trinity students and is impressed by how helpful each and every Hiller is.

“I’m excited to be surrounded by such a great group of kids,” Demian remarked.

Demian also thinks that amazing teachers contribute to the unique atmosphere of Trinity High School. He feels they create a positive work culture that allows both students and faculty to thrive.

Although this is Demian’s first year at Trinity, he has been working as a leader in schools throughout his entire career. His experiences in elementary schools and alternative schools have provided him with leadership and management skills that will help him with his new role as an assistant principal.

Despite all of this experience, Demian admits that being a new administrator is difficult. With brand new information to retain and a whole new school to learn about, he expressed that his switch to Trinity has required much hard work and patience. 

Regardless, Demian says that he “couldn’t be happier to be a Hiller.” 

Mr. Powell, who has been working with the new assistant principal on Trinity’s discipline program, thinks that Demian has been adjusting well and learning quickly. He also feels that Demian will help to bring back and honor old traditions. Powell also shared that Demian is a very fair disciplinarian that will be an asset to the programs in place at Trinity High School. 

“Dr. Demian will make Trinity great again,” commented Powell.

As the school year continues, Demian is thrilled to learn more about Trinity High School and to get to know the students and faculty. So, the next time you see Dr. Damien,  #bethekindkid, say hello, and welcome the newest member of the Hiller Nation!