The Hiller

2018-2019 Staff

Maria Cimino


When not dancing, studying, eating, sleeping or watching Netflix, Maria can be found with her nose buri...

Makenzie Marino


When not at school, Kenzie is watching Youtube and listening to music, most likely Justin Bieber. She...

Drew VonScio

Copy Editor

When Drew is not playing soccer, he is watching numerous sports on TV or playing sports video games. ...

Maddie Spencer

Editorial Editor

When she is not napping, Maddie is  waiting in a 30-minute line for her $1 coffee. Her biggest ambi...

Morgan Kafana

Feature Editor

Morgan has played soccer since the second grade but was forced into playing her first year. In her spare...

Krista Lebar

Entertainment Editor

Krista has spent the last 17 years of her life drinking coffee and overthinking everything that has happened to...

Rachel Chase

Staff Writer

When not at school, Rachel enjoys music as well as photography. She participates in various band and...

McKenna Hoffman

Staff Writer

Kenna spends the majority of her time assuring others that she is, in fact, Kenna, and that they are...

Riley Moore

Staff Writer

When Riley is not part of the school's musical, she is writing articles for her first year on the paper...

Jonathan Brodak

Staff Writer

Jonathan is the official leader of the totally legitimate Pachycephalosaurus Fan Club, but he also enjoys...

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