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Rae Lynn Simpson to attend Kent State for Interior Design

Rae Lynn Simpson, after graduating high school, plans to put her artistic side to use by going into interior design at Kent State University.

Hunter Spears

May 19, 2020

Trinity High School Senior Rae Lynn Simpson is continuing her education for Interior Design at Kent State University one of the best interior design programs in the nation, to make her creativity and love for designing into a career.  Simpson has had this career plan since February and explained wh...

Alina Mayton goes to Denison University for theatre

Senior Alina Mayton is excited to start her new adventure at Denison University.

Holly McDonald, Staff Writer

May 19, 2020

Denison University is a private liberal arts college in Granville, Ohio. It’s one of the earliest colleges established in the former Northwest Territory. The acceptance rate is 37%, and Alina Mayton is one of few students who was accepted in the Fall 2020 semester.  She has decided to major in theatre: “Deni...

From music student to music educator: Slagle pursues inspirational path to college

Brandon Slagle is excited to pursue music education at West Virginia University next fall.

Emma Malinak, Copy and Alumni Editor

May 18, 2020

Many students enjoy music classes and programs while in high school, but often don’t know what path to pursue for a career in music. From professional performing to conducting to producing, there are countless careers that encompass the same musical ideas and practices. For students like Brandon Slagl...

Flickinger heads off to Penn State

Trinity Senior, Evelyn Flickinger, heads off onto a new chapter of her life at Penn State University.

Emma Liggett, FOR Editor

April 30, 2020

  Each year seniors from all different backgrounds chose a specific college to help them reach their career. Evelyn Flickinger has decided to attend Penn State and major in music education. Flickinger knew she wanted to study music education  during the summer of her junior year. Flicking...

Scott cues her entrance to Point Park

Trinity Senior, Caitlyn Scott is heading off to Point Park University to pursue journalism and boradcasting.

Nancy Xiao, Staff Writer

April 30, 2020

Caitlyn Scott is graduating from Trinity’s class of 2020 and is planning to pursue a major in journalism and broadcasting at Point Park University.  She started planning during her junior year in order to find a college that offered her the best opportunities. Scott has always been interested i...

Music Students Soaring to New Adventure

The THS band and choir students pose for a picture in front of the Magic Kingdom sign at Disney.

Gina Gossett, Arts and Entertainment Editor

February 24, 2020

On February 2, 2020, Trinity High School Band and Choir students took their talent to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida for four days. These students, along with band teacher Mr. Hilty and choir teacher Mr. Komula, undertook this new experience that only happens every three or four years.  ...

New fashions rock red carpet at Grammys

Billie Eilish poses in a Gucci suit, sporting the neon green color that is especially popular this season.

Emma Malinak, Copy and Alumni Editor

February 24, 2020

With the dreary weather of February, many shoppers are stuck in the mid-winter slump of buying and wearing nothing but comfortable sweaters and durable boots. However, on January 26, celebrities were doing just the opposite; the looks of the night experimented with countless new styles, colors and material...

Trinity students crescendo into District Orchestra, Choir

District Orchestra students (from left to right), Sophomore Meredith Bryant, Junior Emma Malinak, and Seniors Alison Spadaro and Evelyn Flickenger

Jonathan Brodak, Feature Editor

January 22, 2020

Every year, students who are interested in music are given the opportunity to participate in District Orchestra or Choir. Students in chorus attend District Choir while students who are in string orchestra and concert band attend District Orchestra. Districts is a special festival that is sponsored by the Pennsyl...

“Aoi” by Madison Finfrock

Gina Gossett, Arts and Entertainment Editor

January 21, 2020

Trinity High School Senior Madison Finfrock recently finished her drawing “Aoi.” “Aoi” is a drawing of the lead guitarist, Aoi, from the Japanese rock band “The Gazette.” Planning to give as a present, Finfrock hand drew this piece with pencil and white gel on white drawing paper....

Fetching for Fortune

Dragons parading in a Chinese New Year Festival

Nancy Xiao, Staff Writer

January 21, 2020

On January 25, 2020, people all over the globe will celebrate the coming of a new year as the lunar calendar returns back to the beginning. It is a chance to clean out any lingering negative energies and prepare for what the new year will bring.  The Chinese Zodiac is commonly used to predict one’s fortune. ...

New movies prosper in theaters

There are countless entertaining movies in theaters this season!

Emma Malinak, Copy and Alumni Editor

January 21, 2020

As the weather gets colder and midterms get harder, the movie theater can seem like the perfect escape. And, with countless new releases in theaters this season, there are plenty of movies that can entertain audiences.  Currently, there are many popular movies in theaters for those who love action an...

The perfect guide to gift giving

Merry Christmas!

Grace Hopper, Staff Writer

December 16, 2019

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year, especially opening gifts, drinking hot cocoa, watching holiday movies, and spending time with family. But one of the toughest decisions to make during this happy holiday is what to buy as a gift for those you love. This gift giving guide will hel...

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