Trinity varsity football team keeps up morale despite tough season


Olympus Yearbook Staff

Junior wide receiver Marquese Lacks catches a pass from Sophomore quarterback Kaden Kolson as the Hillers drive down the field to score a touchdown.

“It’s a great feeling when you’re under the Friday night lights to be able to make a play and help your team,” said Senior Cameron Moran.

The varsity football team has had a tough season, but they remained positive despite several losses. The football team’s practices set the stage for how Friday night games will go. They practice every day from 3 p.m.-6 p.m., and sometimes later.  So far, their practices have gone very well this season.

The football team has been “practicing hard and working hard this season,” said Sophomore Kaden Kolson.

According to Coach Miller, “They’ve really done a good job of keeping up enthusiasm at practice.”  

During games, the bond between the team is very obvious. They cheer each other on and very clearly support each other.

“It’s a family and we argue sometimes, but we have to have the right attitude towards each other and get over things to be a team,” said Moran.

This year, the team has faced several challenges, including several injuries, but the biggest change to the team this year is all the new players. There are many freshman, and the team has had to acclimate to all the new players.

“They have a lot of fun together. They enjoy being around each other. We had a lightning and rain delay about a month ago, and I look in and they’re in a line doing the Cotton Eye Joe,” said Coach Miller.

The most important part of the team is teamwork. The stronger the bond of the team off the field, the better they play on the field.

It is important that the team is “staying strong, being one and being all together,” said Moran.

The team has played hard this season. Their final game, which was also senior recognition, was against Laurel Highlands at home on Friday, October 26.