Girls Volleyball ends season with winning streak


Olympus yearbook staff

Members of the girls volleyball team congratulate each other after scoring a point.

Whether it is played on a gym floor, in the freezing cold or on the beach in the blazing heat, volleyball can be played anytime and anywhere. However, the girls at Trinity treat volleyball the way any athlete looks at his or her sport: prepare and constantly make yourself better.

The girls are a young team this year, only having two seniors on the team. Seniors Zoe Miller and Sloan Altman are the two captains this year, leading and showing other schools that there is upcoming talent on the team. On every young team, it takes more than just the two seniors to lead.

“We only have two seniors, so it is important for the juniors and maybe even the sophomores to step up and show that everyone is capable of being a leader,” said Miller.

As part of their season, the girls participated in a tournament at Moon High School on September 8. Each pool consisted of four different schools. The girls finished third in their pool and advanced to the elimination stage, but were knocked out by the hosts who went on to win the tournament.

Even though the girls were 6-9 on the season and did not make playoffs, games still had significance. In some situations, playing well against a rival can be more enjoyable than making the playoffs. For the volleyball team, their biggest rivals include South Fayette and Chartiers Valley.

The team had their final home game on Tuesday, October 16, which was also their senior recognition night. For the seniors on the team, this was the final night to make a statement in front of their fans and on their home court.

“We played our best this year, and we’ve had rough nights, but we’ve also had great nights. Hopefully next year the team will continue to work hard and we hope everyone will come out and support us on our senior night, the last home game this season,” said Miller.

The volleyball team ended their season on a high note by winning their final three games, and they hope for a return to the playoffs in 2019.  Congratulations to the seniors!