What is the best gift you have ever received and why?

Alex Noble, Freshman-

“I was 8, a baking set because I wanted it for about 5 months.”


Danny Towers, Freshman-

“My James Conner jersey because he’s my favorite player.”


Anderson Newlen, Freshman-

“A Kodak camera in 4th grade because I have a lot of memories on it.” 


Preston Burgard, Sophomore- 

‘My job at Angelo’s because I got the call on Christmas Eve that I got the job”


Regan Miller, Sophomore-

“Concert tickets to Twenty One Pilots because it was a good concert.”


Jule Stuhr, Sophomore-

A phone, it was my first one.”


Colby Thomas, Junior-

“Xbox One, my Uncle said he wasn’t getting it for me so I was surprised.”


Nathan Orr- Junior

“A computer, I didn’t have a computer before that, and I do all kinds of activities on it.”


Leo Wang, Junior-

A frisbee, so I can use it for ultimate frisbee.”


Ethan Salisbury, Senior-

“My favorite gift is my Xbox One when I was about twelve because I play it all the time.”

Riley Derubbo, Senior-

“Wireless Beats, I use them a lot.”


JT Porter, Senior-

“Nice leather furniture and a chair. I’ve wanted one since I was a kid.”


Mr. Prentice, Engineering Teacher-

“A go-kart as a Christmas present because it’s really exciting for an eight year old.”


Mr. Poletti, Social Studies Teacher-

“Super Nintendo when I was three years old, I’d never felt joy like that before.”


Mr. Swarrow, English Teacher-

“A car jump-starter, I feel like a superhero with it, I jump-started three people’s vehicles when their batteries had run out.”