Here comes another round: 2k19 Trinity rifle team



Former sophmore, Angelina Cecchine, sites in on her target.

Students at Trinity have the opportunity to improve their marksmanship and be part of a supportive rifle community. The Rifle Team begins its winter season on the week before Thanksgiving, November 11, and it lasts until the week after Valentine’s Day. Their practice is usually held everyday after school at Trinity Middle School, and competitions occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays under the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League (WPIALS) with schools from the Washington to the Pittsburgh area. Mr. Husk, a 2013 Rifle National Champion, is nearing his 30th year coaching the team and is beginning to choose the members on the 2019-2020 team.

Husk encourages anyone interested to tryout for the team and usually expects an even mix of males and females to show up. The rifle team gives equal opportunities to everyone and does not discriminate against a student’s gender, strength or size. Husk has seen senior football players complain over the weight of the rifles while a 90 pound girl carries the gun with ease. What matters is that everyone is able to listen to Husk’s instructions and do what they are asked, such as showing up on time.

In the practices and competitions, the players must shoot ten individual shooting targets with a max of ten points gained from each target. With a total of 100 points available, the player is able to earn extra points by hitting the bullseye of the center ring. 

Angelina Cecchine, a junior member of the Rifle team, says her best score so far has been 100-9x, meaning she hit nine out of the ten bullseyes in one round. She hopes to shoot a 100-10x, the max score, this coming season.

The most important skill a rifle player must work on is the ability to stay relaxed. Players are often put under pressure when the score is tied and they are the last shooter of the match. 

Colby Furman, a senior member on the team, notes that practicing breathing is useful as it is a physical manifestation of regaining focus and composure. 

Husk trusts the team’s intuition and believes that, “kids really come through when it counts. They are calm and relaxed.”

This season brings a revival of goals and a continuation of past traditions. For the past thirty years, the Rifle team has made it to all but two of the annual WPIAL championships and this year is no different. Husk says he really wants the team to get at least second place at the WPIAL playoffs to make it to the championships. Trinity altogether has won 13 WPIAL championships and five state championships.

Both Cecchine and Furman agree that Rifle team is fun and the practices are a great time to hang out with friends and build good team relationships. 

Husk states that Rifle is a lifetime sport with people of all ages continuing to compete competitively after high school and college.