Financial Reality Fair prepares students for future


Mrs. O'Lare

Seniors fill out career forms as their first step in the financial reality fair.

In an economy filled with online purchases and automatic payments, the current generation of young adults is facing new financial challenges. In order to address this growing problem, Mr. Modrak is organizing a Financial Reality Fair at Trinity High School that will provide an interactive experience to educate students on the budgeting process.

Before the Financial Reality Fair begins, a monthly budget amount will be calculated for each student based off of a career of their choosing. With market salary data that is up-to-date and specific to the Pittsburgh area, the budgets will be highly accurate for each and every student.

Then, on October 24, the Financial Reality Fair will begin and students will have the opportunity to simulate the budgeting process and plan purchases according to their personalized monthly budget. While walking through the exhibits at the fair, students will have to make financial decisions while managing payments for rent, insurance, and other necessities. At each table and exhibit, students will learn about the different factors that affect finances and will have the opportunity to navigate financial scenarios.

This event will be run with the help of CHROME Federal Credit Union, who has been working closely with Trinity to ensure the success of the Financial Reality Fair. CHROME will be providing the economical data for budgets and expenses, along with professionals to talk with students about their financial planning and monthly payments.

When asked about the importance of this event, Modrak commented, “as a millennial by definition, I understand how easy it is to lose track of budgeting, especially in a world of online payments and shopping. I want students of this generation to learn how to be financially smart in this kind of environment.”

Even though approximately one in four students hold a job while in high school, few young adults truly understand how to handle their finances once they begin to live independently. 

Therefore, Modrak suggests that students consider their current budgeting habits so they can make informed decisions while participating in the fair. By thinking about their current paychecks, purchases, and financial support received from parents, students can better understand how their high school budgeting will have to change once they begin to live independently. 

Modrak also encourages students to go in to the Financial Reality Fair with an open mind and take the event seriously in order to learn as much as possible.

When asked who will benefit the most from this experience, Modrak joked, “anyone who spends and makes money!” 

Truly, every student at Trinity has the opportunity to learn from this experience. It will prepare a new generation of young adults to make smart budgets as they continue schooling, begin careers, and ultimately adjust to an independent lifestyle.