AP early registration, is it going to be successful?


Kayla Denke

Early AP registration brings mixed emotions to Trinity students.

AP testing is a way to help students earn college credits that can be earned from taking high school classes. Exams will be 94 dollars each. Originally, the due date for the exams was sometime in March, however, now it is on November first.  A question to think about… will having the register due date earlier assist students in getting higher scores, or should they go back to late registration?

Some teachers are all for early registration because they feel as if it will make more students sign up for the test. Some students disagree; they think it’s unfair because school has only been in session for about a month and a half.

Sophomore Summer Ballentyne plans on taking the AP US History exam in May, so she will study all the materials Mr. Majoris will give her. Both she and her parents want her to take this exam because it could give her college credits and experience to see what a college-level test and course is like.

Nonetheless, she believes that registration is almost too early and is not a fan of this decision. She thinks this early registration could stress out students to an extreme and could get in the way of students’ actual classwork. She also believes fewer students will take this test since the registration is so early, either because they don’t really care or they’re still nervous about the course.

Ballentyne does believe she will pass this test in May because she’s going to put her best effort into her studying and making sure she feels confident enough for the exam. She took AP US History for a challenge, even though it’s hard for her now, she feels as if she’ll do well on the test.

Junior Rachel Faust is not a fan of this early registration either. Faust believes it won’t help with the scores; she believes that fewer people will take the exam because they don’t know how classes will prepare them for the test.

Senior Conner Attenberger is also not a supporter of the early registration. Attenberger believes that registering earlier won’t help because the exam won’t be taken as seriously as it should be. Also, the students won’t know the material as well as they need to and won’t know what they’re signing up for. Although, he believes that registering early or later it won’t affect the scores, just how much you prepare yourself.

 In high school, getting college credits from AP classes can help students in the future, but since the early registration form is due on November first … will kids even take the exams?