Flickinger flies through music


Emma Liggett

Evelyn Flickinger poses with her clarinet, an instrument she has been playing for many years.

Music has always been an important activity for many students at Trinity High school. Senior Evelyn Flickinger knows all about the music program; she has partaken in countless music-related activities here at Trinity for her entire high school experience.

Ever since Flickinger was young, she has either been playing an instrument or singing in the church choir. She began singing in the choir when she was five and played handbells at her church around the same time. She was learning to play the piano at the age of seven and is now picking it back up. However, her main instrument is the clarinet, which she began playing in sixth grade and has improved on since the beginning.

One of Flickinger’s biggest role models is Lori Shrader, her clarinet teacher. Shrader has helped Flickinger overcome many of her fears surrounding playing and has inspired her greatly. Shrader gave Flickinger the idea a few years ago to start a clarinet choir. She recently made that idea a reality by arranging some music and asking clarinet players if they wanted to join. This will be the second year of the clarinet choir and the first meeting will take place after school in the band room on October 15. 

Flickinger is in a variety of activities related to music. She is in string orchestra, chamber choir, the pit for the musical, wind ensemble, district band, honors band, county band, marching band, and has done numerous side by sides with the Washington Symphony Orchestra and Youngstown State Wind Ensemble. Flickinger plays the clarinet, alto saxophone, violin, piano, and vocals. She takes pride in her music and says it brings her joy and peace of mind.

“Join Band,” stated Flickinger.

Flickinger wants to continue with her love of music at Penn State for Music Education because she enjoys teaching and making music. Flickinger has found great relaxation through music and she wants to pursue a career doing what she loves. 

Flickinger believes that people should get involved in the music community because it can be tremendously fulfilling. 

Mr. Hilty, the band director, said how she is always going above and beyond, always looking for new opportunities in the music world. He is excited to see what the future holds for her. 

Flickinger has worked extremely hard to get where she is in music today. All of the musical opportunities that she has been a part of at Trinity have helped her determine what she wants to do after her high school experience.