“Friends” 25th anniversary, what is going to happen?

John [Public domain]

“Friends,” you’ve either heard of it, watched it, or you’re a die-hard fan. The series started about twenty-five years ago when a runaway bride (Jennifer Aniston)ran into a coffee shop; coincidentally, her high school best friend was hanging out with her four other best friends. She ended up moving in with her high school best friend, and the rest was history.

During the ten years of this show, five of them found the loves of their lives, four children were present on the show, but seven total were born, and one strong bond formed between the six people who will always be there for each other.

Some speculate that there will be a reunion; others do not. Games, bracelets, colored pencils, and much more came out for the anniversary and die-hard fans could not wait to buy them. Some of the games that came out are a Lego set, “The One With All the Cards,” and a version of Trivial Pursuit.

Numerous fans want a reunion and became ecstatic when Jennifer Aniston hinted at a reunion; she said that the girls were all for it, but the boys were indecisive. Fans all around the world believed Aniston, but later that month Matt LeBlanc said there wouldn’t be a reunion or spin-off because he didn’t want his fans seeing him aging and it would not be the same anymore. People are hopeful because of Aniston, but are still disappointed with LeBlanc’s answer.

Alexis Eaton said, “It’s pure humor,” while another student, Sophia Rahmany said, “it’s an American classic.”

Many fans say it deserves all the “hype” it’s getting because it makes so many people laugh and it was one of the longest shows of its time.

Fun Fact: Netflix paid over 16 million dollars just to keep “Friends” on the app so fans would continue to use Netflix.

Everybody knows that there are six main characters. How could one choose just one favorite? Well, it may be tough, but Ms. Boczar shared who her favorite character is.

“Rachel because she was such an iconic character,” stated Boczar.

This anniversary is making fans hope for a spin-off. Even after 25 years, this show continues to be in everybody’s top favorite show list.