As I reflect back on the majority of my high school career, I ask myself, what could I have done differently? What are my regrets? Though I only have a few, I wonder how my life would be different if I didn’t have these regrets.

For example, I wish I would have tried out more clubs and sports. To this day, I still believe I would be a D1 college prospect for volleyball or basketball if I would have given either sport a chance. I mean, I know I am clumsy, unmotivated and uncoordinated, but, I am 5’8 so that must mean something! I can only imagine going to college with a sports scholarship.

Also, I am angry that I will never be able to participate in a championship game. I always wanted to be a part of a winning team, even if I had to sit the bench or fetch water. Maybe I still have a chance to achieve this with Ultimate Frisbee?

Another one of my regrets is not taking more of the many unique courses Trinity offers. Yes, I took a couple of fun classes such as painting and music tech, but what about all the other possibilities? What if I took one of the many agriculture or business courses and truly enjoyed it? What if I missed finding my life’s purpose and possible career path by not taking a course that is offered? From the wide range of classes all the way from Floral Design to Game Design, I firmly believe that I should have explored my possibilities better.

Since I know it’s already scheduling time for students next year, WWCD? It is time to start thinking of your possibilities. Do not have any regrets when scheduling. This process of scheduling can be stressful so that’s why I am blessed that I do not have to do it again. Try a new class that is out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to be different from your friends. Although scheduling all your classes with your friends can be fun, it could prevent you from finding something you truly love.

So, I’m going to end on this note. Take advantage of the resources that are given to you so you do not have any regrets like me!