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Maria Giorgi, Natalie Ewbank: Seniors who have bright futures

Photo courtesy of Natalie Ewbank
Ewbank and Giorgi have been friends for most of their high school careers, as both are active in the same clubs and take the same classes. Most people describe them as ‘two peas in a pod’!

The end of the year is for recognizing the excellence that stands within Trinity High School, in both academics and athletics. Two seniors, Maria Giorgi and Natalie Ewbank, have excelled beyond expectations.

Giorgi leads many school events like the blood drive and is also the captain of the girls’ Cross-Country team. Ewbank is a part of many clubs, including being the president of the Friends of Rachel club and captain of the Trinity Swim team. Both participate in extracurriculars such as Speech and Debate and Mock Trial. 

Giorgi will be attending the Honors College at the University of Alabama where she will be majoring in Criminology/Criminal Justice with a pre-law focus. She plans to earn her bachelor’s and juris doctor degree. From there, she has many different options for what she will do with her life; she may establish herself at a law firm or become a special agent for the government. 

Ewbank is on the same path, going to the University of Florida in the fall, where she will be majoring in  International Studies with a pre-law focus. She hopes to become a lawyer in a big city where she can advocate for people in need. Eventually, she would like to go into the FBI and enter politics. 

Wherever these girls may end up, they will always be remembered at Trinity High School and leave their legacy behind. 

“I think Natalie’s legacy that she will leave behind at Trinity is everything that she has contributed to the FOR Club, as well as her leadership skills that she will pass on to her teammates at swim. People will remember her for her integrity and perseverance toward the things she cares about, and her kindness and respect toward others,” Junior Allison Ewbank says. 

“She [Maria Giorgi] has inspired me by proving what paying attention to your grades can do for you. She received a full ride to her dream school because she cared about academics all four years. I think she has left a huge impact and influence on what a student should be,” comments Sophomore Anthony Giorgi on his sister. 

Both Anthony Giorgi and Allison Ewbank were able to watch their sisters grow up into successful young women.

Not only have these girls affected their siblings, but also the people around them, including the teachers here at Trinity.

“They leave a positive influence here, they are great role models for future Hillers, the epitome of what a Hiller should be,” German teacher Herr McLaughin states. 

Not only have they had an impact on Trinity, but Trinity has had an impact on them. 

“I would say high school was full of experiences that taught me some of the most important life lessons. Each class, especially the ones that were hard, taught me how to take a challenge and overcome it, advocate for myself and others and grow as an individual into someone who is confident and strong in my abilities,” comments Ewbank. 

Giorgi and Ewbank also offer advice to younger Trinity students. They both express the importance of putting in the effort, focusing on school work and constantly setting goals to accomplish. 

“I think once I stopped chasing ‘the high school experience,’ things started to come naturally and I realized there is no perfect ‘high school experience.’ I always thought I was kind of weird, but I stayed true to myself, and I like to think it all worked out,” Giorgi explains.

Overall, Ewbank and Giorgi have been an inspiration to this school, and there is no telling how much they will accomplish throughout their lifetime. 

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