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FOR Club spreads kindness one mission at time

Photo Courtesy of Ms. Shaw.
When a club receives the Mission: Kindness packet, they are given all the information they need to complete a challenge.

Trinity’s Friends of Rachel (FOR) is centered around spreading kindness. This school year, the FOR club has decided to launch a new initiative called “Mission: Kindness.” 

Ms. Shaw, club advisor, started this project to help promote kindness, with the help of FOR Club officers 

She says, “Each club is asked to plan, prepare and accomplish their mission within two weeks of receiving the challenge. By doing so, we hope to create a chain reaction of kindness.”

Since the project’s creation, three clubs have completed kindness missions, including HOSA, FBLA and FTA. 

To establish the project, FOR Club promoted a St. Patrick’s Day kindness bingo and distributed lucky pennies to surprise students with a random act of kindness. 

HOSA, Health Occupations Students of America, started the mission by creating a hallway display of inspirational messages on post-it notes. 

Silvia Cardenas, a member of HOSA and the FOR Club, mentions, “Those sticky notes were then put on display near the Sports Medicine classrooms. A design was created with the sticky notes. The words “HOSA” were created and anyone that walks by sees the kind messages.”  

After HOSA completed its mission, it passed the mission on to FBLA. Future Business Leaders of America carried on the mission by gifting office staff with a Sarris treat and a Hiller Cafe sweet tea coupon. 

“Everyone always forgets about the people in the offices such as the secretaries, principals and guidance counselors, so we thought we would recognize them,” mentions Assaad Nassar, president of FBLA. 

FBLA passed the torch off to FTA to continue the chain reaction. 

Future Teachers of America decided to write appreciation cards for each teacher and members of the administration. 

FTA plans to challenge the National Honor Society next.

FOR Club’s mission is to spread random acts of kindness to promote a school environment full of kindness and compassion. 

Cardenas says, “Our mission is about enforcing what Rachel Scott, the first victim of the Columbine School tragedy, believed in and implemented. She believed that even the simplest acts of kindness could go a long way and create a chain reaction. That is what we are about, being kind and carrying out our mission to impact the rest of our school.”

Students throughout the school can get involved by incorporating acts of kindness into their daily lives. Sending a quick text, brightening someone’s day with a compliment or even holding the door open for someone is a simple way to start a chain reaction. 

“We [FOR] have an Instagram page where our projects and missions are posted! We highly encourage people to follow that account so they can keep up with our projects and spread the word,” mentions Cardenas. 

Make sure to follow the FOR Club Instagram @ths_forclub to stay up to date with upcoming activities.

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