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Trinity recognizes dedicated dancers

Photo courtesy of Leah Kubacka.
Pictured above are Rosalita Feriozzi and Allyson Heidish with their studio at Dreammakers Nationals in Virginia Beach.

Year after year, Trinity High School recognizes the remarkable abilities of students across all sports. Dancers, although they are not participating in a school sport, can have just as much recognition as their peers!

One’s athleticism and dedication are everything when it comes to the art of dance. This usually consists of training for technique, conditioning and performing routines at competitions and recitals.

Freshman Rosalita Feriozzi dances at Dance With Me By Sisters 3 and mentions that dancers should get just as much recognition as any other Trinity athlete because they dedicate just as much time and energy to dance as any other traditional school sport.

Basically, my mom just put me in dance classes at a local studio. Ever since then, dance has been my passion. Dance helps me express myself through motion and has also taught me self-discipline. I’ve learned to work hard and to push myself. My dance teachers are the best at making sure my technique and dances are great because of their constructive criticism,” Feriozzi adds. 

Whether students dance recreationally or choose to compete with their studio, dancers work tirelessly to perfect their dances in order to make them as seamless as possible. Most importantly, they work year-round. While many sports have “on” and “off” seasons, people who dance are always preparing for the next performance, competition or recital. 

While dance competitions can be different depending on the studio a dancer goes to, they are all similar in structure. Dance studios travel to a competition venue and, over three days, usually Friday through Sunday, dancers will take classes in all types of dance. After classes, the studios compete in various routines including group and individual dances.

Junior Allyson Heidish, another competitive dancer at Dance With Me By Sisters 3, states that dance is a difficult sport not only because of its requirement for strong athleticism but also because of the amount of constructive criticism dancers receive from coaches and judges.

Despite this critical feedback from her coaches, Heidish believes that, “being critiqued by the judges has definitely 

made me a stronger person and a better dancer. I think I take critiques better than I used to because it’s something 

that’s difficult to hear at first.”

As the school year comes to an end, recital season begins. Around this time, dancers showcase their incredible talents to their friends and family. After working on each routine meticulously for almost a year, studios have their dancers perform each routine at the recital.

As fellow Trinity dancers finish off the year with the grand finale, congratulate them for all their hard work!

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