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Students weigh in on Hiller Cafe and Store drinks

Photo by Katherine Drezewski.
Sophomores Micha Mariana and Autumn Sitler work at the Hiller Cafe and Store whenever they can and enjoy making and drinking the products.

The Hiller Cafe and Store is one of Trinity’s most popular spots, with a growing variety of delicious drinks and a kind and dedicated staff. With its wide range of refreshments from iced tea to hot coffee, everyone has their favorites (and their least favorites.) Sophomore Landon Dalnoky is partial to tea, specifically the raspberry sweet tea. 

He frequents the Hiller Store, and out of all the drinks he tried, he said, “I don’t recommend the vanilla sweet tea. It’s not my favorite.”

Since that’s a personal opinion, consumers should check it out themselves. The regular sweet tea is a very popular drink from the cafe, and in the halls, many students can be seen drinking it. It’s simple, but very refreshing and flavorful.

Sophomore Micha Mariana supports this, stating, “I am usually more of a coffee person, but the tea is definitely the best I’ve had.”

Senior Taylor Stewart suggests the “All Caramel Hiller Chiller. It has a good flavor. I like coffee the most since you can add more to it to make it look cool and taste better.”

Mariana agrees with Stewart, sharing, “My favorite drink is the Hiller Chiller because there is so much variety and you get to choose things like the flavor, plus the price isn’t very high considering the special add-ins you can get with it.”

The colored cold foam and creative recipes are just two aspects that make the Hiller Cafe and Store unique. The drinks are never disappointing, and students can’t go wrong with their order. Both the staff and students that work at the Hiller Cafe and Store during the day put a lot of effort into making the drinks special. 

The Hiller Heart Valentine’s Day Special was one tasty seasonal drink that the Hiller Cafe offered over the Valentine’s Day season, a sweet iced coffee with pink cold foam and festive sprinkles. Since Saint Patricks Day was celebrated March 17, the cafe has been serving The Lucky Leprechaun, an iced coffee including caramel, cold foam and shamrock sprinkles. It is also serving The Shamrock, a white hot chocolate with green mint syrup and lucky charm marshmallows. So far, both have been a hit.

“I really like all of the seasonal drinks, it makes school feel more festive and gets me in the holiday spirit. I am not a big fan of the blue colored cold foam, though, since it stains my mouth,” shares Dalnoky.

Between the cold drinks and hot drinks, Mariana prefers the cold drinks, since “they are able to hold more flavor and you can get more drizzle that lasts for a longer amount of time.”

The cold drinks are definitely the way to go as the weather gets warmer, even though the hot drinks are comforting and delicious.

Dalnoky shares that the Hiller Cafe and Store was “100% a good addition to the school. It adds more drink options and I really love that.”  

Stewart also appreciates the cafe since it makes it easier to talk to more people and be creative and hands-on at school.

“The Hiller Cafe is a great way to engage students with the school and provide the volunteers with real-world experiences both in the workplace and by socializing,” Mariana remarks.

Even though some drinks seem to be more liked than others, like the Hiller Chiller, all of the drinks at the Hiller Cafe and Store are good options for a school-time treat. During study halls and free periods is a perfect time to check them out and support a good cause, the Trinity life skills classes!


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