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Viewers prepare their summer break watchlist

Illustration by Katherine Drezewski.
Listed are the upcoming movies and TV shows debuting this summer both in theaters and through various streaming services.

All summer long, new movies and TV shows are popping up. From horror to comedy to romance, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Movies that are debuting this summer include “Deadpool & Wolverine,” coming out July 26, “Borderlands,” coming out August 9, “Inside Out 2,”coming out June 14, “Despicable Me 4,” coming out July 3 and many more. Sophomore Bayleigh Lowe shares her thoughts, saying, “I’m really excited to see ‘Deadpool & Wolverine.’  I like the Marvel universe because it’s interesting and filled with action.” 

Unfortunately, that is the only Marvel movie coming out this summer, but it’s a perfect time to rewatch or introduce these popular films into viewers’ watch-lists. 

Even though Lowe is a big fan of action movies, she thinks summer is a perfect time to delve into a different genre: romance, arguing that “summer is the time for love.” 

To explore some rom-coms this summer, look into movies like “The Princess Bride” (1987), “10 Things I Hate About You” (1999), “500 Days of Summer” (2009), and “50 First Dates” (2004). All of these movies have the perfect blend of romance, comedy and sentimentality. 

Junior Katie Davis is looking forward to the new horror movies coming out, including “The Conjuring 4.”

 “I’ve always loved horror movies and ‘The Conjuring Series’ is a classic,” she shares. 

During the summer, Davis also likes to enjoy TV shows like “That 70s Show” and “Seinfeld” since she “associates these shows with summer memories and good vibes. They are light hearted, comedic and perfect for binge watching.”

Lowe also recommends the TV show “Outer Banks” since there’s a new season coming out this summer, and because it’s set at the beach. Along with this, season four of “Bridgerton” will be coming out in two parts, with part one premiering on May 16 and part two on June 14. 

A lot of new movies and shows are coming out, but some think it’s better to stick to the classics. Watchers don’t have to worry about paying to see a movie that they don’t enjoy, and classic summertime movies like “Stand By Me” (1986), “Moonrise Kingdom” (2012), “The Sandlot” (1993), “The Goonies” (1985), and “Dirty Dancing” (1987) are a good place to start. “Moonrise Kingdom” and other Wes Anderson films have silly and airy auras which set a good atmosphere. All of these films are set in the summertime or have a light, sweet storyline that’s perfect for a watch on a warm night. 

This summer is a perfect time to grow film knowledge and indulge in movies and shows both new and old and check some boxes off your watchlist.

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