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People bring Valentine’s Day to next level

Photo Courtesy of Cameron Street
Flowers can be beautiful by themselves or in a bouquet. Flowers can be mixed and matched, creating the perfect color palette. Happy Valentine’s Day from The Hiller staff!

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion where everyone wants to show appreciation for their loved ones. However, finding the perfect gift can be a bit stressful. Valentine’s Day gifts can range from sentimental and sweet to funny and humorous, but choosing the right gift shouldn’t be as challenging as it seems.

One easy way to make a Valentine’s Day gift more special is by buying a little basket or bag to put it in. This simple step can make the gift feel more organized and put together. Additionally, shredded paper or basket grass can add extra spice to the presentation.

Flowers are another perfect addition to a Valentine’s Day gift. Flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Instead of buying a store-bought bouquet, there are ways to self-arrange bouquets to make it into a DIY project more personalized to the recipient’s liking.

Hoodies are a comfortable and versatile option for a Valentine’s Day gift.  They can be found from their favorite brand, music artists and more. Along with other clothing, can also be found in any store or online, making it an easy gift for the cold winter season. 

Candles are a nice, sweet-smelling gift that come in many different colors and scents, perfect for matching any type of theme someone may be looking for. 

Jewelry is another great way to add sparkle to a Valentine’s Day gift. It can be personalized to the recipient, deciding between gold and silver jewelry, while also buying something that might have meaning to the recipient.  There are also many ways to customize jewels, such as using their birthstone or favorite color in the piece of jewelry. 

Chocolate is a classic sweet treat that almost everyone loves. There are a variety of types and brands of chocolates tailored to everyone’s unique taste. Fill the Valentine’s Day basket with their favorite chocolate from Sarris, Lindor, or Godiva to make any gift more enjoyable. 

Lego sets may be expensive, but they offer many creative options and fun ways to kill time. It offers a fun date idea and it’s perfect for those who love to build things. There are also flower bouquets, which is not only a perfect substitute for regular flowers, but they also will last forever. 

A cute way to tie together the Valentine’s basket and add that sentimental value to any gift is by adding a handwritten note. The note can describe cherished memories, future goals, or simply just something from the heart. 

Valentine’s Day gifts also don’t have to be just materialistic things. Sometimes just some quality time with someone is just as special as any gift. Take Valentine’s Day to the next level by going out to dinner or by finding some fun things in the area by reading Battling Boredom: Students rate activities in Western PA

“We, as a couple, have a mutual interest in one another. We both want to make each other’s lives better each day and so enjoying one another’s company on a dinner date is a perfect way to do so. I hear true love is a soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another. I believe we have found that and live a very happy/blessed life.” teacher Mr. Poletti states. 

Valentine’s Day can be interpreted in many different ways, and even though many people think about gifts, whether giving or receiving, sometimes the true value of the holiday can be lost. Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate love and how it hides in materialistic things like flowers and chocolates, or in quality time like dinner dates or watching a movie together. 

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