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Shoppers look for gifts on budget during holiday season

Photo courtesy of Katherine Drezewski
Stores like Marshalls, Target and Walmart are good places to find great deals. Shoppers can find these deals either online or in-store.

The holiday season is just around the corner, and buying Christmas gifts is at the top of everyone’s to-do lists. Unfortunately, inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts are hard to find. Luckily, there are many great options that won’t break the bank but will still spread holiday cheer.

Many gifts can be found in-store or online. Either way, it can be convenient, whether ship it directly to the recipient’s house wrapped and ready, or can be put on the list with groceries  


Even though jewelry may be a little more expensive, it is something many people wear daily. Many places sell cheaper jewelry that can be the perfect gift for anyone. Also, jewelry sets like matching bracelets or necklaces can further tighten a forever bond.

Perfume/Body Spray/Cologne

Any type of spray can be a gift more on the expensive side, but they can be meaningful and something people frequently enjoy.  There are also a variety of brands, sizes and scents available that can make anyone feel special and confident. 

Zen Garden Kit

Looking for an out-of-the-box gift? A zen garden kit is an interesting gift that is not expected to be under the tree. It can be used as a room decoration or as a mode of relaxation.

Croc Jibbitz

For Croc lovers, jibbitz are the perfect way to bedazzle their shoes. These are available either in packs or singles and can satisfy everyone’s interests and hobbies. 


Mugs and cups make for perfect gifts. They are practical and something that many people use daily and they can be customized to suit the person receiving the mugs.

Mini Waffle Maker 

Who doesn’t love waffles? A waffle maker is an affordable yet interesting gift that anyone who loves to be in the kitchen would enjoy.

Body Scrubs 

This is a perfect gift for anyone who likes to smell good and feel clean and smooth. They come in all different scents and have a colorful look. 

Hair Accessories 

Hair accessories add another level to anyone’s outfit. There are so many options such as bows, claw clips, headbands, scrunchies and more. 


In the upcoming freezing season, blankets are a must-have for staying cozy and warm indoors. 


Also good for cold weather, slippers will keep feet super warm and fashionable!


This is a gift that just keeps on giving. Makeup is a universal gift that many people enjoy. 

Gift Cards

For people who are difficult to shop for, gift cards are always a safe option. Being able to choose the amount put on the card also makes it an affordable option and there is a wide variety of gift cards available to buy. From food to clothes to appliances, gift cards can appeal to anyone’s taste. 

Hot Chocolate Kit

A hot chocolate kit is a great gift idea for anyone who loves hot beverages. It’s also a fun activity anyone can enjoy at home. 


A belt is a very practical, useful gift for anyone who likes to wear pants. They can add a sense of style to any outfit.


Hat can be great for accessorizing, showing off people’s interests or just keeping heads warm. Whatever the case may be, most hats are affordable.

Face Masks 

During a dry winter, a face mask is the perfect gift for anyone who wants their skin to stay healthy and moisturized. 


Everyone needs to stay organized and keep track of important items like money, a driver’s license, credit cards and insurance cards. 


Pens are a practical choice for people who love to stay organized. There are fun colored pens available that can make any tedious task a little more enjoyable.

Tech Deck 

Tech Decks are mini skateboards people can use to do tricks and play with friends. They are a great way to keep entertained on the go. They are small and fit in pockets.

These ideas and so many more are budget-friendly and perfect for those last-minute shopping trips! 

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