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Blitz becomes a part of Trinity family

Photo courtesy of Leah Kubacka
Blitz turns two years old on December 27. Be sure to say hi to him and Officer Ranalli when they’re in the building!

Look out Hillers, there’s a new police dog roaming the halls of Trinity. This year, the Trinity family welcomes a new four-legged friend, Blitz, into the district! Blitz works alongside Officer Ranalli in the Trinity Area School District and are both found in the high school building in the police office. 

Blitz is a German Shepherd-Belgian Malinois mixed breed from Hungary and began working with Ranalli in August 2023 when he was adopted. According to Ranalli, Blitz is very skittish and explains that through his own research this is most likely due to limited socialization during his time at the police K-9 kennel, especially during his developmental years. Because of this, Ranalli often trains Blitz to socialize with students and teachers around the school so that he can acclimate to people other than his owner. 

Besides socialization, Blitz is always working on his training as a police dog. He went through twelve weeks of professional canine training after he was adopted and is currently certified in explosives and firearm detection. Ranalli explains that he works with Blitz every day to refine his detection skills.

“I try to train and do something every day with him. You might hear him bark when we’re training, which is just because he got his toy taken from him,” Ranalli notes.

Although Blitz and Ranalli work for Trinity, they have the ability to visit other schools outside of the district that need their help. If the duo is available when a threat arises at another school, they are sent to assist them. 

Ranalli, previously a PA State Trooper, spent about 7 years as a K-9 unit officer. He retired in the Sergeant rank before working for Trinity and even mentions previously working in a similar position at West Jefferson Hills School District. Ranalli believes that working as a K-9 handler is the highlight of his career and is one of the most enjoyable parts of his job. 

Blitz lives at home with Ranalli and his family, including three other dogs. One of the dogs happens to be the semi-retired Trinity police dog Fredi, also known as “Hiller.” So far, the dogs seem to get along very well despite their differing personalities. Fredi, known to be playful and outgoing, adores his new roommate’s shy and skittish demeanor. 

Ranalli explains that training Blitz is very easy compared to other dogs he’s had in the past due to his docile nature. 

He even mentions that he can walk around the school with Blitz without a leash because Blitz will stay by his side. Ranalli recalls that Blitz’s off-duty personality is quite different from when he’s working and notes that if he reaches for his pocket, Blitz will immediately perk up in anticipation of a queue if he’s working or a toy if he’s not.

“It can be hard to work with dogs, but he [Blitz] is very easy to work with and I love it here,” Ranalli adds.

Overall, Ranalli and Blitz have already made an unbreakable bond and work incredibly well together. The future for these two is bright, and the Trinity family is excited to see all that they do together!

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