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Giving back during giving season

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The food pantry, located in room 209, is available for donations and pickups at any time during the school year. Students may talk to teachers or guidance counselors if they are interested in receiving a donation of supplies or submit an anonymous request for a pickup through Google Forms.

The holiday season is often regarded as a time of receiving gifts from others and giving gifts to friends and family, but not everyone is capable of buying a variety of gifts when it comes time to do so. For this reason, donation operations that offer items such as food, clothing and toys are available to those who are unable to acquire these things during the holiday season. When deciding on whether or not to make donations this year, The Hiller staff provides their reasoning as to why students should consider it.

Donating to those in need, especially when holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah are around the corner, can be incredibly beneficial to the community. Editor-in-Chief Addison Paul mentions that giving back helps to bring about a sense of community and notes that this time of year should be a way for people to come together and help each other out. 

“I think that it’s important to help people during a time of year that is so joyful for many, especially because it can be very discouraging for those who are struggling,” Paul adds.

The Hiller staff members believe that the positive effects of giving back to the community are plentiful. Donations are proof that the holiday season isn’t just about receiving gifts but also about giving them. Not only does this positively affect those on the receiving end, but also those who donate are sure to feel good about helping others in need.

A popular organization to donate to around this time of year is Toys for Tots, which focuses on giving toys to children whose parents are unable to afford gifts for them. Locally, there are multiple locations where those willing to donate toys can do so, one of them being at the Trinity Point Krispy Kreme. Anyone who wants to help out with kids that need toys can drop off their contributions during December inside the Toys for Tots box in the building. 

Staff Writer Cameron Street mentions that she plans on donating at this location.

“I plan on going to the Toys for Tots donation spot at Krispy Kreme. They sit there for about five hours collecting all of their donations. I just think it’s really amazing to be able to give toys to kids that don’t have access to them around the holidays,” Street comments.

Students looking to aid people that struggle with getting a meal on the table can donate through Trinity’s very own 

food pantry. Located in room 209, the food pantry offers a variety of items, ranging from non-perishable food items to cleaning and toiletry supplies. Anyone willing to donate to the food pantry can do so at any time, especially during the holidays. 

Those looking to receive food pantry donations have several ways to sign up. Students may anonymously submit a request for donations by getting forms from outside Mrs. Thornburg or Mrs. Frazee’s rooms or from the guidance office, forms can be returned to the same destination.

Thornburg, one of the advisors of the food pantry, states, “We also offer monthly after school pantry pickups to our Trinity families that sign up via Google Forms and we offer holiday meal bags for major holidays that can be reserved via Google Forms.” 

Overall, donations in the form of food, clothes, toys and other resources are beneficial to the community in so many ways. The Hiller staff believes that giving back to those that are in need adds to the holiday spirit and makes for a fantastic way to connect with others.

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