Senior Staff Profile: Emma Liggett


Photo courtesy of Emma Liggett.

Emma received the superlative “Most likely to travel the world!”

  • What is your position on “The Hiller”?

I am the Assistant Editor-in-Chief and the Arts and Entertainment Editor.

  • How long have you been on staff and why did you join?

I have been on staff for four years, and I joined because I love writing and I have always been interested in joining journalism. After joining marching band, Rachel Chase told me about the paper, and I joined. 

  • What has been your favorite article you’ve written and why?

My favorite article has been “Sunnyvale vs. Shadyside: Fear Street Review” or “Berry travels during gap year” and they are my favorite because the “Fear Street” one really excited me, and I just love horror movies. And I loved writing the Berry one because he is my boyfriend and just getting to write about him and his experiences was really cool.

  • What are your plans after graduation? 

I plan to attend W&J for a thematic major and minor in professional writing. 

  • What will you miss most about “The Hiller”?

I will miss Mrs. O’Lare and the safeness of the class and the friendships I have created in journalism. 

  • What is the most important lesson you have learned from being in journalism?

The most important lesson I have learned is not to procrastinate.

  • What is your favorite memory while writing for “The Hiller”?

My favorite memory was probably freshman year when we found Jonathon Brodak’s old YouTube channel and it was videos of him from middle school and it was really funny and our whole class bonded over that funny moment. 

  • How many red pens do you think Mrs. O’Lare has gone through grading your articles?

Like a singular pen or a 36 pack? 

  • How has Mrs. O’Lare impacted/inspired you while writing for “The Hiller”?

She has really helped me become more confident in myself and my writing. I really know what I want to do now because of her influence. 

  • What is your favorite Trinity lunch meal?

My favorite lunch meal is the Italian flatbread. 

  • Anything you would like to add? Anything you would like to say the rest of the staff? 

It has been a pleasure being here the last four years and I am excited to read the newspaper from the outside when I graduate.