Seniors pass down do’s, don’ts for upcoming class


Seniors congratulate senior Carys Miller after she sings the National Anthem at the pep assembly. Several seniors participated in the teachers vs students basketball game at the Spring Pep assembly on April 5th, 2023.

With the Class of 2023’s time at Trinity High School coming to an end, they have some advice to give on the do’s and don’ts of senior year. Many seniors have agreed that senior year can be overwhelming and that time management is key to success. 

Applying to colleges and picking a school to go to can be very difficult for students. Several seniors have stated that students need to do their research and tour the schools they are thinking about before spending time and money applying to them.

Senior Carys Miller says, “Don’t apply somewhere you don’t want to go just to apply. Apply at schools you are heavily thinking about going to and that could be a good fit for you.”

The seniors have stated that the best way to begin the college application process is to start as soon as possible and to talk to guidance counselors if confused.

Students have said that Naviance is a very helpful tool senior year, especially when it comes to finding scholarships.

Senior Julia Luzar says, “Naviance provides a scholarship section that shows the users scholarships they are eligible for. It’s very helpful.”

Applying to scholarships is  important and many say that everyone applying to college should apply for scholarships as well.

Financial aid also plays a significant part in senior year. Seniors have mentioned that applying for financial aid can be extremely stressful and it’s important to communicate with parents.

Senior Andrew Harshman says, “Financial aid has a lot to do with your parents so make sure you have good communication with them during the whole process.”

Thankfully, senior year isn’t all stressful. There are several fun things upcoming seniors can look forward such as their senior pictures. Students who have gotten senior pictures agreed that it’s important to do them as soon as possible, starting in summer, before getting consumed in the busyness of the year. It has been suggested to plan out outfits ahead of time and look at the photographer’s past work to make sure one likes their style of photography.

For upcoming seniors, it’s their last year to go to homecoming, school sporting events, prom and spend time with their high school friends.

“Make the most out of every opportunity you get,” says Senior Andrew Collins.