Trinity track and field “races” to new season


Photo courtesy of Coach Stanton

Trinity’s track and field team is off to a great start. They are a big team expecting some big wins this season! Be sure to come support them at their next away meet on March 28 at 3:30 p.m. where they will face McGuffey High School.

March means a few things: St. Patrick’s Day, Women’s History Month and the start of the Trinity track and field season. 

This year, Trinity welcomes Coach Stanton as the head coach of the track and field team. Stanton has years of experience with track and field. She ran track in high school at Canon Mac, where to this day, she still holds the long jump and 4×1 records. She also ran on a scholarship at Edinboro University and has been an assistant track coach for Trinity since 2014, with this being her first year as the head coach. She believes that this season is off to a good start and is looking forward to what the season will bring for the students. 

Along with Head Coach Stanton, there are many other coaches that will be working together this season to help their team win: Coach West, Coach Gandy, Coach Zimak, Coach Harshman and Coach Murphy. Stanton and the other coaches have high hopes for the 2023 season and they plan to get as many athletes as they can to WPIAL Championships and States. 

“Most people don’t realize that track is a team sport and I want all of my athletes to have that sense of camaraderie,” said Stanton.

She hopes that along with training and working hard her students will be able to work together to win and build lasting friendships with one another. 

To get her team ready to face their biggest rival, Canon Mac, they practice daily. Although practice doesn’t look the same for everyone, they always start with a team warmup that consists of a little bit of jogging and dynamic stretches. Then they split into their groups: distance runners typically do longer runs while sprinters and jumpers focus more on short distance, sprinting and acceleration. Throwers work on gaining strength and increasing their power.  

The senior captains this year are Mason Kraeer, Gracyn Kafana, Carys Miller, Nicholas Hrabik and Gavin Vogel. This year’s track and field manager is Timberly Gardner.

These students all have different areas of expertise on the team and are excited to be capable leaders who will help their team to victory.  

The Trinity track and field team has grown immensely this year. The team consists of 88 members, many of whom are freshmen and sophomores that will continue to grow the team in coming years.

There is still time for anyone interested in track and field to join! See Coach Stanton with any questions or email her at