Student of the Month: March – Silvio Corso

I am pleased to nominate Silvio Corso for THS Student of the Month for March. I had the pleasure of working with Silvio in my AP Environmental Science course last year, and I can attest to his outstanding character, dedication, and positive influence on his peers.

Silvio is the type of person who always jumps into challenges with a positive attitude. He is a thoughtful, compassionate, and hardworking individual who consistently goes above and beyond to help others. Silvio is always willing to lend a hand to his classmates, whether it’s by

offering a listening ear or helping them with their assignments. His kindness and empathy are truly exceptional, and I have seen firsthand how much he has encouraged his peers to be their best selves. Moreover, Silvio is an incredibly diligent and conscientious student. He consistently strives for excellence in his academic pursuits and always puts forth his best effort in everything he does.

As a member of the Friends of Rachel Club, his participation in the annual Mr. Rogers day with his red cardigan truly reflects his own character. In addition to the F.O.R. club, Silvio dedicates time as a member of the Student Council and this year’s musical as stage manager. His future plans include studying Science, specifically Biology, at an institution of higher education.

Overall, I cannot recommend Silvio highly enough. He is a natural leader and role model for his peers and his commitment to his studies has been nothing short of inspiring. His kindness, dedication, and hard work make him an excellent candidate for THS Student of the Month, and I look forward to all he will accomplish beyond high school.

Nominated by Mrs. Melissa Monteleone