Revival of Winter Guard sparks new interest


Photo courtesy of Nic Subrick

Trinity’s Winter Guard continues to practice their routine. The routine will be shown to the parents at their performance on March 25, 2023.

When watching a band performance, what catches the eye? Usually it’s the bright colors of the flags used by the Color Guard. Color Guard is so much more than just part of the band, so this January it was decided to bring back Winter Guard. 

Winter Guard is used for Color Guard members to be able to practice during the off-season. One of the main reasons that Winter Guard was brought back was to get middle school students that were interested in joining in Guard to practice before the upcoming fall season. 

Winter Guard is a chance to appreciate the dedication of the Guard that is usually covered by the bright colors of the flags and the smiling faces every Friday night. The Guard has spent countless hours building upon their skills and testing limits. 

Due to a lack of funding, this year’s Winter Guard was used solely for practicing. A show for the parents of Guard members will be held on March 25. 

The Assistant Captain, Senior Kelsey Vanderhoof, says the Winter Guard is a great introduction to anyone interested in joining Guard, including middle school students. Having a Winter Guard will give all of those wanting to join a good amount of practice before the fall. 

Overall, the Guard has an extremely welcoming and helpful team that genuinely feels like a family. 

Vanderhoof says learning these new skills is difficult and takes plenty of effort in and out of practice.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re going to struggle but you can’t tear yourself apart over it. Everything comes with time,” Vanderhoof states.

“Guard is such a fun, positive and helpful place and everyone is always there to support,” states Senior Nic Subrick. 

Subrick was in the drumline all of high school and decided to join the Winter Guard because of the cool equipment like flags, rifles and sabers and beautiful visuals. 

Subrick has always wanted to learn the skills the Guard has and Winter Guard gave him the best opportunity to try them out. 

Winter Guard and Guard are open to everyone. Students looking for more information should contact Marching Band Director Mr. Hilty at