Psychology Club encourages students to think big


Photo courtesy of Hannah Eisiminger

The Psychology Club is small but mighty. New members can still join the club and participate in monthly activities!

It’s a meeting of the minds in room 270 since the creation of THS’s newest organization, the Psychology Club. On the third Thursday of each month, students with an interest in the field of psychology come together to learn more about the mind and behavior and how these concepts translate to the real world. 

The Psychology Club is the brainchild of Junior Fletcher Beckett. Drawing from his experiences in AP Psychology with Mrs. McCarthy, Beckett aimed to create an extension of the class for students interested in learning about real-world applications beyond the curriculum. 

“Personally, I’m interested in a career in psychology, and I wanted to create a way for myself and others to explore that,” said Beckett. 

McCarthy, who now serves as the club’s advisor, and Beckett hope to bring guest speakers to future meetings. They are currently reaching out to local college professors to discuss how psychology can be pursued outside of high school. These visits would also serve as an opportunity for professors to advertise their colleges and for students to start the college search process. 

Meetings will also consist of reading and discussing articles related to psychological research, events or topics to enhance the connection between concepts and applications. Members may also take part in fundraising events and a potential field trip in the spring. 

Beckett believes that understanding psychology is a key component to relating to others and building connections with people based on shared experiences. 

“I find the field of psychology very interesting. It’s cool to understand people and how they respond to certain situations,” said Beckett. 

The Psychology Club currently has about fifteen members. Beckett hopes to stress the fact that no psychology experience is required to join the club, and members can be in any grade level. Interested students can reach out to Beckett at or McCarthy at