Student of the Month: February- Zach Losko

I am honored and pleased to nominate Zachary Losko for THS Student of the Month for February.


Zach is a dedicated and inquisitive self-starter who is not afraid to step beyond his peers and lead by example. These qualities will serve Zach well throughout his life and will help him find success in his future endeavors.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Zach in a number of different capacities. He has excelled in the three levels of Ceramics that I teach, bringing a creative and curious mind to the subject. He takes his learning outside of the classroom and now has a ceramics studio of his own at home. Zach has always been proactive in his learning, bringing in new ideas and techniques that he  would like to try and exciting others in his class to reach beyond the curriculum as well.


Moreover, Zach served as Vice-President of the National Art Honor Society last academic year and this year serves as its President. This is an elected office and speaks to how his peers view

his leadership skills. His status as an Eagle Scout also reflects his ability to go beyond himself and to serve the greater good. 


Through it all, Zach brings his good nature and sense of humor with him wherever he goes. He is a warm and down-to-Earth personality who makes others feel comfortable around him.


I could not possibly offer a higher recommendation for a student than I can for Zach. Zach will be successful in what he chooses to do in life; therefore, he is the perfect candidate for THS Student of the Month.


Nominated by Mrs. Malia Bennett