Students dive into swim season


Photo courtesy of Emma Bowman.

Pictured is the varsity swim team gathering in the pool after their home scrimmage against Uniontown on November 30. They are excited to continue through this season and are striving for many wins.

As Trinity students experience the turn of the new year, one thing is for certain; swimming season is at its peak and spirits have never been higher. 

Swim season starts around the middle of November and concludes at the end of February. The practice schedule is quite rigorous as it is held Monday through Saturday, and each practice lasts two and a half hours. Swim meets can vary in length and are at least once per week. 

Here at Trinity, the varsity swim team is composed of a boys’ and a girls’ team. Although they are separate in how they compete, they practice together and attend meets together as well. This year, the boys’ team has six members and the girls’ team has fourteen members.

The captain of the girls’ team is Senior Riley Dunn. Dunn has been competitively swimming since she was ten years old and has been a member of the varsity team all four years of high school. She is optimistic about this swim season for a variety of reasons, one being the welcoming of their new coach, Coach Brian Day. 

“There has been a lot of improvement from all team members and massive time drops from everyone. With our new coach and new direction, I’ve been able to get new personal bests again,” Dunn said. 

The captain of the boys’ team is Senior Brett Phillips. Phillips has been competitively swimming since he was nine years old and was a member of the varsity team his freshman year and again his senior year. Similar to Dunn, he is thoroughly enjoying this swim season as the team spirit is exceptionally high.

“It’s very positive this year. Everyone just wants to see everyone else succeed,” Phillips said. 

The biggest draw about this sport that everyone on the team agrees with is that it is the perfect blend of an individual activity and a team experience. Both Phillips and Dunn concur that cheering on their teammates is one of the best and most enjoyable parts of being on the swim team, all while heavily focusing on their individual progression. 

The team usually has swim meets on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Senior night is February 16, 2023, and the swimmers would love it if students would come and show their support! Dunn shared some great advice for upcoming swimmers.

“Don’t get discouraged with the sport. If you just keep going, it will be so rewarding in the long run. Just have fun with it,” she said. 

Their next meet is at home on January 26 against Canon Mac; they would love some support!