Tempos take on Valentine’s Day


Photo Courtesy of Abby Drezewski.

The members of the Shirley Tempos gather together in the hallway to celebrate after one of their rehearsals. The Tempos meet every Thursday in the music hallway and always strive to have a fun time!

The Shirley Tempos, one of Trinity High School’s newest and most musical clubs, will be giving out “singing grams” throughout the day on Valentine’s Day. This idea is the passion project of Shirley Tempos’ President Abby Drezewski, and she hopes to engage the entire student body in her fun celebration. 

“I love getting involved with school. I love when the choir does fun activities like caroling or singing in the hallways – it gets everyone involved,” Drezewski says. 

She first got the idea to perform singing grams after watching the movie “Elf,” along with a few other holiday movies. Since there are not a ton of activities that go on during the month of February, she thought that performing the grams on Valentine’s Day would be a fun and festive way to get students excited about the holiday. 

“We’ve wanted to do this for some time. It’s nice to see Abby and the other students stepping up. I’m proud of all their hard work. The Shirley Tempos is one of the few completely student-run clubs in this school. I believe that the kids taking ownership of projects like this will give them valuable real world experience,” club advisor Mr. Komula says. 

Drezewski and Komula have been working together to get this idea off the ground. It was decided that the Shirley Tempos would come up with about five different songs, and that students interested in buying singing grams would have to choose which of the five they’d like for the Tempos to sing upon delivery. 

The cost of purchasing one of these singing grams will be between $1 and $5. The grams will each be sung by a small group of Shirley Tempos members, depending on who is available to sing throughout the day. Grams can be purchased for anyone inside the building. Anyone who works at or attends Trinity High School is eligible to receive a gram. 

Students can purchase grams inside the choir room on Valentine’s Day and are encouraged to do so. 

“If you’re in Shirley Tempos, don’t be scared to come and sing. This is all for fun and shows that someone cares about you and wants to have a fun time with you,” Drezewski says. 

Anyone who plans to send a singing gram will be engaging in a unique and fun activity for the entire student body. Happy Valentine’s Day, THS!