Differing traditions give Christmas meaning


Photo courtesy of Mrs. O’Lare.

The Hiller staff stand and smile together for a holiday-themed photo. Everyone is so excited for the holiday season! Back row left to right: Leah Kubacka, Emma Riddell, Hannah Eisiminger, Addison Paul, Riley Dunn, Alyssa Wells, Emma Ligget. Front row left to right: Zoe Neelen, Abigail Drezewski, Dresden Bouman, Aiden DeWalt. Not pictured: Hunter Spears.

The Holiday season has officially arrived at Trinity High School, and Christmas often takes all the spotlight during Winter Break with presents, cookies and cake. But what about Christmas Eve? The Noel is similar for many, but Christmas Eve is often different for many people, including The Hiller staff.

The night itself is unique for all of us in The Hiller Newspaper. Staff Writer Abigail Drezewski, for example, embraces her Polish heritage through Wigilia, meaning Star Supper, a traditional Polish supper that honors Christ and contains no red meat. Drezewski’s family also passes wafers to other family members to say good luck in the upcoming year. 

Staff Writer Dresden Bouman’s Christmas Eve is a little different, as her family typically fills up only on Christmas cookies and treats. Furthermore, when Bouman was little, she would hear mysterious noises on her Grandma’s roof while her uncle was missing, and the family would say goodbye to their Elf on the Shelf.

Presents are another point of difference between staff, as Staff Writer Aiden DeWalt’s family first began opening presents on Christmas Eve when his mother had to work, but it has evolved into a unique family tradition. Feature Editor Hannah Eisiminger also does gifts a little differently, as her family typically opens one present the night before, which is usually matching Christmas pajamas to wear that night.

Presents and food are great, but what is Christmas without Santa Claus and treats? The Hiller staff also has different traditions that they do on Christmas Eve. Opinion Editor Addison Paul’s family makes their Christmas cookies together on Christmas Eve and puts out cookies and milk for Santa, but also carrots for his reindeer. Editor-in-Chief Emma Riddell’s family spends their entire Holiday baking cookies and wrapping up the day by laying out carrots and reading “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” together. 

Spending time together is the real idea of the Christmas season, but on Christmas Eve, the staff is split between large family gatherings and only spending time with immediate family. For example, Drezewski’s paternal side of her family all meet together for Wigilia, but Staff Writer Leah Kubacka’s family saves the reunion until Christmas morning.

One tradition that The Hiller Newspaper is united on is Christmas pajamas. Almost everybody on staff has worn special pajamas on Christmas Eve night since childhood.

Despite our different traditions, The Hiller staff is united in one tradition; spending time together with family and appreciating friends and family this Holiday season, [above the number of presents or stress that the season puts on everyone’s shoulders.] We all wish readers a safe and happy Holiday season.