Endeavor to Be Your Difference


Photo Courtesy Jack Pan.

The Be Your Difference club strives to better students’ physical health. Students can join the club when it meets on Tuesdays in homeroom!

Have you been looking to join a school club? With so many in the school, it’s hard to find the right fit.

This year, Junior Jack Pan decided to start the Be Your Difference Club to encourage and support students to follow healthy lifestyles. Advised by Mr. Sukolsky and Mr. West, Pan wanted to start this club for people looking to lose weight or gain muscle, but didn’t know where to start. 

“We’re trying to create a realistic environment for kids instead of them basing their perception from social media and influencers who give unrealistic expectations,” Sukolsky states. 

As  president of the club, Pan researches exercises to reach the group’s goals, including lifting, cardio and nutrition. The club is a judgment-free, motivational and positive environment where people can grow as a group.

“It’s all about having fun and pushing each other towards their goals,” Pan states. 

Sophomore Zach Noble says the club is not only about lifting but also about being comfortable in your body. The club prioritizes physical health and body positivity among students. 

“Be Your Difference takes the time to teach how to take care of your body as well as accept it,” Noble states.

The club will teach ways to find affordable yet effective nutrition and protein products.

The club meets every Tuesday during homeroom in the weight room in the high school. The meetings discuss nutrition with the club members and ends with an activity. These activities include games, sports, lifting or cardio. 

The club is great for people who want to work out with peers in a positive environment to help them overcome their weaknesses. The club is looking for hardworking yet fun and motivated individuals. 

Be Your Difference is all about students bettering their physical health and watching their peers become healthier.  Be Your Difference is open to all students, even if they have no past experience in nutrition or working out. 

To join the club text or email Pan, West or Sukolsky. 

panj1@trinityhillers.net, nwest@trinityhillers.net, asukolsky@trinityhillers.net