Trinity fundraiser raises money for PA VetPets


Photo Courtesy of Riley Dunn

Emily and Ashleigh Tuite present President Omar Brooks with the money they raised for his organization, PA VetPets! The total amount across all grades was $1,026.53. Trinity students should be proud of their efforts!

During the last week of October, Trinity students and staff began participating in a penny war meant to help raise money for the local, non-profit organization, PA VetPets. 

PA VetPets has a mission to help veterans and first responders with PTSD by covering the cost of rescue dog training, assisting with service dog training and raising money for Camp Hope Recovery. Becoming involved with the organization can be a very fulfilling and worthwhile experience. 

“The President, Omar Brooks, always makes an effort to give back to both veterans and the community as a whole. When I thought of this fundraiser, I thought… why not give back to him and his organization for a change?” Senior Ashleigh Tuite said. 

Tuite is very involved with fundraising and service activities, both in and out of school. She began volunteering for PA VetPets last spring and has enjoyed her time helping out there. When she got the idea for the fundraiser, she decided to go forward with it, as she believed it would better the community and school around her. 

Tuite believed that the turnout for the fundraiser was really positive. Students took it seriously and enjoyed using their money, both to help a good cause and also to compete against the other grades.

To help out a grade, students had to put pennies or dollars into the jar with that grade’s number on it. Pennies had a value of one point, while dollars were equal to one hundred points. On the other hand, students wanting to sabotage the other grade levels had to place silver coins into the jar of their choice. Nickels deducted five points, dimes ten and quarters twenty-five. 

Tuite eventually presented the money to President Omar Brooks, on Veterans Day, in the high school’s main foyer. Brook’s service dog was also present, along with the students who helped Tuite with the fundraiser. Those students were; Sierra Craig, Grace Coyle, Jack Finley, Hannah Eisiminger, Emily Tuite and Liz Ross. 

A total of $1,026.53 was raised to be given to the PA VetPets organization, an amount which met Tuite’s goal.

The grade that won the penny war – the seniors – will proceed to duct tape a teacher or administrator to the wall in a few weeks in order to celebrate their win. Listen to the school announcements for updates on that!

“I think that everyone should consider becoming involved in service organizations like this. They should find something they’re passionate about. Students are very creative and have lots of good ideas,” Tuite stated. 

If students want to become involved with PA VetPets, the easiest way is by texting or emailing Tuite or getting access to the organization’s Facebook account: PA VetPets – Assisting in Hero Dog Adoptions and Training.

Tuite’s passion and excitement for community service sets a wonderful example for everyone around her. She proves that if students are interested in improving their school and community, there is a fun way to go about doing it.  Also, if students know of any veterans or first responders that suffer from PTSD, they should consider reaching out and letting them know about PA VetPets!