Trinity girls cheer loud, proud!


Photo courtesy of Trudy Roney

Trinity cheerleaders pose for their annual yearbook picture. Pictured in the front row are seniors, then juniors followed by sophomores, and in the final row are the freshmen.

The fall football season may be over for the football players, but certainly not for Trinity’s cheerleaders.
There are 29 girls on the team: three seniors, eight juniors, nine sophomores, and nine freshmen.
Led by Senior Captains Sierra Craig and Hunter Spears, and Coach Heather, the team has been working hard this year. Both captains Craig and Spears are seasoned veterans when it comes to cheer as they have both been cheering all twelve years of school. Spears is going to cheer at West Virginia University next year as she begins college.
Most people assume that cheerleaders only cheer at football games, but that is not the case. Basketball season is beginning shortly and Trinity will see its cheerleaders waving those pom-poms at all the home games. This year, they have also cheered for a girls’ volleyball game and one wrestling match.
Jannah Berecky, senior, said that her favorite sport to cheer for is basketball due to the fact that it is an inside sport and they don’t have to worry about the weather.
Izzy Priest, junior, also enjoys the inside environment, which is where she has one of her best memories.
Priest said, “My favorite memory of cheer was a boys basketball game my freshman year where they won a game and the whole crowd jumped up. The energy was awesome.”
The girls have an inspirational tradition, every home game they decorate the football locker rooms to hype up the team before their game. They also hang up weekly “spirit” signs in the hallways to show support for the school sport teams.
Something that Trinity doesn’t have trouble with is school spirit when it comes to their football games.

Priest said, “the energy and environment is just so good. Nothing compares to FNL (Friday Night Lights).”
Priest has been cheering for Trinity since first grade. Her participation is a continuation of a long line of cheerleaders in her family, including her mom, aunt and grandma. She fell in love with the sport and still cheers now as a junior.
Cheer is a team sport and trusting teammates is necessary to ensure the safety of everyone involved. With the constant tumbling, stunts and mounts, the girls have to be prepared for anything. To be a base, a great deal of strength is required, and as a flyer, one has to trust their base to keep them safe.
Practicing two or three times a week, these girls are always busy. During these practices, they learn upcoming routines and reflect on past games. Lately, the girls have been learning new basketball cheers for the season ahead.
Since they are together so often, being teammates created a the foundation in which friendships could form.
“It is truly harder than it looks,” said Berecky.
The girls work hard to be ready for the games, so Trinity students should be prepared to show their support for not only the basketball team but also to watch their cheerleaders shine!