Are Trinity students joining too many clubs?


Photo Courtesy of Riley Dunn

One way that students can keep their activities organized is by purchasing a planner. Getting into the habit of keeping a planner can help improve stress and anxiety levels and reduce the chances of a student forgetting something.

Trinity High School has a club for everything. At school, students have the unique opportunity to try out many different activities that could help them choose an eventual career path. No matter where a student’s interest lies, there is likely a club they can join in order to be among like-minded individuals.  

However, with all these club options, the question arises; are students becoming involved in too many activities? Do they become over excited and bite off more than they can chew?

This can be a difficult question to answer and every student is different, but it is important for students to know themselves and manage their involvement levels at school. 

“When students overextend themselves, they never give their full attention to any one particular thing. Colleges don’t want to see a menu, they want to see the specific main entrée,” Mrs. Hartley stated.

Hartley is the teacher advisor of many different clubs at Trinity. She believes that students should prioritize the areas that are most important to them. While this may seem like obvious advice, students often overlook it and attempt to dip their toes into too many activities at once. 

To avoid this issue, students should consider what activities they are joining and how passionate they are about each one. A good idea for new students would be to visit with teacher advisors and student leaders. Stop in and talk to these people during a homeroom meeting, or send an email to the guidance office asking for a list of clubs if there is uncertainty about where to start.

Students also shouldn’t be afraid to talk to upperclassmen. Seniors and juniors have been in school for the longest amount of time, so they are the ones who “know the ropes” in a sense and can give younger students good advice. They are also the ones who have grown into leadership positions and have the most insight into what each club is about. 

“Students shouldn’t just join clubs because of their friends. They should instead focus on one or two that they’re truly passionate about,” Feature Editor Hannah Eisiminger explained. 

Eisiminger is incredibly involved within the school and enjoys being part of many different clubs. 

It can be overwhelming to come to high school and see the vast amount of clubs and organizations that are held here, so it’s understandable to want to jump right into every single one that sounds interesting. However, it is highly important for students to get to know themselves and their limits. 

Yes, there are a lot of clubs here. And, yes it can be hard to choose. But keeping a handle on one’s involvement level can lead to successful endeavors – both present and future. 

“Looking at clubs that give community service hours, look good on college applications or give cords for graduation are great ones to look into,” Opinion Editor Addison Paul advised. 

There is no one right way to narrow down clubs, but as long as students stick with their passions and don’t allow themselves to be bogged down by overloading themselves – then they should be able to reach for the stars. 

Good luck Trinity students!