Trinity boys’ soccer kicks it this season


Photo courtesy of KA Visuals.

The Trinity Hillers Boys’ team is excited to kick off the season. They are excited to play under the lights and get in their wins this season.

Fall has officially started, meaning soccer season is officially ending. For the Trinity boys’ soccer team, the season isn’t ending quite yet. The Hillers got into the playoffs this year and are continuing to work just as hard.

The team had their first regular season game at Hiller Stadium against Connellsville on August 30, resulting in a 2-1 loss. This encouraged the Hillers to work harder.

Guidance Counselor Alex Nikolopoulos took over this year as the head coach for the team. Colby White, JV and Varsity defense, was excited to start this season with a new coach.

White describes Nikolopoulos as a strict, energetic, passionate, loud, boisterous and nice coach. Nikolopoulos makes it very obvious to the boys that he not only cares about the season, but also the boy’s mental state as well. White also characterizes him as the kind of coach who always shows up with a smile on his face. 

The captains this year are Seniors Zachary Thornburg and Alexander Noble. 

White describes the practices as hard-working, intense and positive. Team members spend the majority of the practice doing various skills including footwork, shooting or defending. 

“We try to think positive and just enjoy the time we have left as a team,” White expresses. 

Faiden Hodgson, a junior center midfielder, says the players have an amazing connection with one another. 

Hodgson states how well the chemistry is on the team. If one of the players is having an off-game, the other players are always trying to build them up. 

Senior Connor Smith, a varsity midfielder, also states how well the boys work together as a team.
Smith says one of the biggest strengths they have had this season is possessing the ball. The Hillers are also doing well on defense doing everything to get the ball in their possession. 

Smith sees potential in the underclassmen to keep their statistics high for the next few years.

“We definitely have strong underclasses. I can see the team progressing and becoming better as time goes on, even after this year,” Smith states.

The boys have spent most of their season focusing on scoring and making sure they understand the game and terminology. They focus on their weaknesses but also on being able to maintain their strengths. 

The boys’ game on October 18 against Washington High School at Hiller Stadium ended in a scrimmage due to the referees not showing up. 

The teams came together and decided they still wanted to play in a scrimmage which ended in a tie.  The last official game of the season was at McGuffey which resulted in a Hiller win. The score was 2-0 with goals from Senior Owen Baker and Smith.

 Their playoff games started with the Hillers against South Fayette, which was an away game at 2:00 pm.