Girls’ soccer wraps up season


Photo courtesy of KA Visuals.

The Trinity Lady Hillers steal a win against Chartiers Valley after a great game of hard work. The girls won 1-0 with a goal from Courtney Lowe and incredible saves from goalkeeper Ruby Morgan.

What is more thrilling than a  Soccer game at the start of fall? The Trinity girls’ soccer team had an amazing start this year, winning first place in Midnight Madness on March 6, 2022. While the actual season had a rough start with a loss to Mount Pleasant 3-1, the girls improved much and gave their best until the end of the season. 

Captains this year were Senior Courtney Lowe, Senior Olivia Mauro, Junior Ruby Morgan and Senior Madison Shook. The coaches are Chelsea Carnish and Courtney Hyrcko. 

Lowe, an attacking midfielder, says the girls had a rough start, but they always play hard until the end. 

“We lost quite a bit of games, but we definitely never went down without a fight,” Lowe states. 

Lowe is proud to see the girls coming together and learning to become more comfortable with each other abilities. Over the season there has been constant improvement not only in individuals but also as a team. 

One of the girls’ biggest strengths is their defense, which continuously did a great job this year, along with goalkeeper Ruby Morgan, who continues to show her very best every game.   

Sophomore Lexie Coen agrees that team bonding and dinners at Red Robin brought the team together. Coen is confident this bonding leads to trust that will lead them to end the season strong.

Junior Nicole Batista, a varsity midfield striker, says she’s always excited for practices where the team is persistently improving. Batista, an exchange student, is in her first year with the Trinity soccer team and she was thrilled to be able to play this year and make friends on the team. 

“Everybody’s just trying to evolve as players and have each other’s backs,” Batista states. 

Batista also played soccer in Brazil, where she grew up. Her high school team got second place in a competition in Pereira Barreto.  

The regular season ended on October 19 at Waynesburg Central. Lowe couldn’t be more proud of the girls for not only helping her improve this season but also improving themselves as well. 

The Lady Hillers played their last game on October 19 away against Waynesburg Central resulting in an unfortunate loss of 3-0 for the Lady Hillers.