Student of the Month: September – Alexia Caldwell

It is my pleasure to nominate Alexia Caldwell as THS Student of the Month for September.


High school students have many choices as to how they will navigate their way through high school.  Some are noticeable in every action and in every class that they take, yet there are those who walk softly among us and often make the greatest impact of all.  Over the last three years, Alexia Caldwell has taken every opportunity offered to her to work to her fullest potential and lead by example, even if setbacks or challenges presented themselves; her strong character, genuine kindness, and sheer determination certainly distinguish her from her peers.


Alexia is a dedicated student in Advanced Placement courses across all disciplines as well as a committed member of the marching band, jazz band, orchestra, Tri-M Honor Society, National Honors Society, and Friends of Rachel Club. Somehow, she also manages to find time to work as a cake decorator and serve as a youth leader in her church. Most notably at THS, she has held first chair in the band, performed in the pit for the musical, and was selected as Drum Major during her senior year. In all her endeavors, she pursues excellence for herself and those around her. She intentionally challenges herself to learn all she can about the world and herself. Her personal integrity is one of her strongest attributes.


When Alexia says she is going to do something, consider it done…and done well. Respected by all who know her – adults and students – Alexia brings pride to our school and her family with her thoughtful and mature manner. Clearly, Alexia holds high expectations for herself, which is evident in the conscientious way she approaches any task. Alexia’s impressive initiative, compassion, and leadership qualities make her a role model for the rest of the student body. Therefore, she is an obvious choice for Student of the Month.


Nominated by Ms. Kristen Shaw