The Hiller Newspaper staff gives advice, shares special moments



The 2021-2022 Hiller Newspaper family shows off their smiles for a yearbook photo! Everyone is proud of how hard they have worked this year!

The 2022 edition of “The Hiller Newspaper” is coming to an end. With this in mind, the staff wanted to share some advice with incoming staff members and anyone who may be interested in joining.

To start, what exactly is “The Hiller”? Overseen by English teacher Mrs. O’Lare, “The Hiller” is not only a school newspaper, but it is also a family. Every single member of the staff has  a special role to play in aiding in the success of every issue. We work as a well oiled machine and care about one another. Each of us has the other’s backs and are willing to help whomever is in need. 

“I never knew how close the staff becomes! We all are working together for a common cause, and I never imagined how fulfilling that would be,” said first year Junior staff writer Hannah Eisminger. 

The first position in this family is the leader, the one in charge of everything: the Editor-in-Chief. The Editor-in-Chief heads the Editorial Board, directs and approves the planning for the layout of every issue, assigns articles, enforces deadlines, oversees final corrections, keeps morale of staff optimistic and helpful, as well as acts as a helping hand for whomever may need it. 

This year’s Editor-in-Chief, senior Rachel Chase, wants incoming staff writers to know: “Be willing to learn! Part of being on staff is learning from edits and using that to improve your writing skills. It’s okay to not have a ton of experience in this type of writing! As long as you put in effort, you will learn and everyone on staff will support you.”

The Assistant Editor-in-Chief has the same responsibilities as Chase and assists with whatever she may need help with.

The next position is Copy Editor. This position includes checking for any errors that may appear in articles, enforcing deadlines and being responsible for overseeing the collection of signatures for all articles. 

The News Editor oversees the News section of the paper. They determine the story and content of the news page, complete the layout of the page, ensure coverage of local, school, national and international news, and enforce deadlines. The Arts & Entertainment Editor shares similar responsibilities, with the exception of adding in any social media trends/issues currently. Both Feature and Sports Editors have the same responsibilities, as well. The Assistant Section Editors help Editors review and publish the articles. 

A new position is the Media Editor. The Media Editor oversees every single picture, caption and attribution that will see publication. 

The last but certainly not least position on the paper is staff writer. Staff  Writers are responsible for interviews, writing articles, content accuracy and correctness, proper grammar, meeting deadlines, obtaining signatures and stepping in to contribute to the publication of the newspaper. 

One of our staff writers has been asked to reflect on their time on staff and what advice they would give to aspiring journalists.

“Being a part of the Hiller staff has been such a positive experience for me. I really had no idea what to expect walking in, but I  couldn’t be more thankful that I’m on staff! It has helped me to be more confident in myself and my writing skills, and I’ve also built some great friendships. A good journalist does not have to be an extraordinary writer. However, a good journalist has to be willing to learn from their mistakes and want to improve for the good of the entire staff. Journalists are successful when they work well with others and are dedicated to their craft,” said Eisminger. 

Mrs. O’Lare also wanted to provide new staff members some advice and spoke on what makes a good journalist:

“Don’t be idle. There is always something that needs to be done. Ask what you can do. Don’t procrastinate writing your article. A good journalist is constantly on the move, seeking answers, asking questions, finding interviewees. A good journalist doesn’t wait for the story to find them. They find the story and actively pursue it and write about it. Those that go above and beyond are those that are the most successful.”

“The Hiller Newspaper” staff is always accepting new and aspiring writers to be a part of their family. If interested in joining, contact Mrs. O’Lare and show your enthusiasm! Her email is