Boys’ tennis swings into season!



Junior Thomas Wickam gets ready to send the ball back over the net in hopes of gaining a point.

As spring rolls around, the Trinity boys’ tennis team pulls their rackets out of the closet and dusts them off. The season is just around the corner, and the boys couldn’t be more excited.  The team is coached by Lane Stoner and gets help from Elizabeth Beachy. Stoner and Beachy also coach the Trinity girls’ tennis team. This is a young team, led by Cameron Minnick and Jack Finley. 

To prepare for the season, the team has begun practicing every day after school. Practices began on March 7, 2022. Conditioning takes place to get the boys back out on the court to work out any kinks in their technique and to get into the groove of things for the new season.

The main focus for the team right now is improvement. The boys have been working on adjusting to the pace of the game. Many of their opponents have had the upperhand in harder and faster hits. One skill that the team is not lacking, however, is their ability to rally. Their ability to return the ball over the court, as simple as it sounds, greatly increases their chances of winning a match. 

The boys’ toughest rival this year will be Peters Township and Bethel Park. A win is hoped to be clinched over both teams, as both often make it to competitions across the state. 

Although tennis is a team sport, it does focus on individual skills. 

Junior Thomas Wickam speaks on his goals for the season: “My goals for the season would be to win matches against our rivals. Our rivals are of the best teams in Western Pennsylvania. Winning a match against them would bring a lot of  attention to Trinity Tennis.” 

To complete this goal, Wickam has been pushing himself everyday at practice to help himself get back into the rhythm of playing and increasing his readiness for opponents who have an advantage over him. 

Their  next match will make for a good watch. The team plays Bethel Park at the Trinity Middle School today March 21, 2022 at 3:30 PM. Wish the boys luck!