Scooping up sun with Trinity spring lacrosse


Photo courtesy of Ultimate Lax Pittsburgh

In February 2022, the boys’ lacrosse team won first place in the Pineapple Bowl Tournament at North Park!

Spring sports have sprung and the Trinity Lacrosse teams are no exception. The teams have been practicing since the fall and are ready to dodge losses and catch wins!
There is only one senior on the boys team, Sam Smykal and five seniors on the girls team: Sophia Polito, Ava DeBoer, Sami Dames, Meg Garcia and Krista Efaw. Sami Dames and Ava DeBoer are the two girl captains, and the boys’ captains have yet to be determined but will be established after the first few games.
The goalies for this upcoming season are Meg Garcia and Ashlynn Powell for the girls, and Steven Moschetta and Easton Morris for the boys.
Along with that, there are twenty-five players on the boys team which was enough players to fill a JV team, which has never been offered at Trinity. The girls team has nineteen players for their varsity team.
One of the girls’ main goals is to connect more as a team. Senior Meg Garcia, goalie on the team said, “We have a lot of individual talent, and we’ve seen it a bit in our winter season, but if we mesh more we can definitely get more wins under our belt this year.”
On the boys’ team, junior Logan Jones said that one of their main goals this season is to win the WPIAL championships while braving the cold. The boys also hope to bond as a team and get closer with all of their teammates in order to perform better.
Junior Christian Bober stated, “We are getting better as a team and are starting to work together. We want to reach the full potential that we have. There is a lot of talent on the team that needs to be unlocked.”
Coach Frazee, the new girls’ lacrosse coach, hopes to see continued and marked improvement on both a team and individual level with a strong dedication to make it to the section playoffs. He previously coached at Cannon Mac but is now coaching with Trinity!
Alyssa Wells, junior said, “He is a very structured coach, he wants to help the girls fulfill their potential and develop the skills they already have.”
The boys lacrosse team also got a new coach this year: Zach Martin was the previous assistant coach but he was promoted to head coach this year.
Because of Frazee’s previous history with the Canon Mac girls as their coach, the Trinity girls team are preparing to face them. Frazee’s impact on the Canon Mac team and the strategies he taught them could conflict with what the Trinity girls are being taught because they are being trained to preform similar plays. The boys’ main rivals are also Canon Mac because they have strong, experienced players. The boys look forward to May 7 when they will finally face Canon Mac once again. The teams are going to have to work hard this year to win against Canon Mac’s skilled lacrosse teams.
Additionally, practice and training help both the boys’ and girls’ lacrosse teams prepare for their frequent scrimmages and games.
The girls and boys both practice at the middle school five days a week. During practice, both teams preform running drills, laps, stretching, and weaving formations to prep for upcoming games.
Best said by Coach Frazee, “I am looking forward to seeing what this and upcoming seasons bring with the (lacrosse) program. It’s a great day to be a Hiller!”