Bathroom vandalism must stop


This image was accessed via Google Images under the Creative Commons License

Ancient Greek civilizations have records of public bathrooms. Bathroom use has been conducted without a hitch for as long as humanity has existed.

Bathrooms have been in use longer than any history book can record. While they have improved greatly in terms of looks and function, the concept has remained constant. 

One would think that such a long history of bathroom use would make proper bathroom etiquette second nature, but recent widespread vandalism has proven this untrue. The students at Trinity High School simply do not know how to use the bathroom. 

When entering a public bathroom there should only be one goal in mind, but evidently, for some students that goal includes vandalism. This is not proper bathroom etiquette nor is it appropriate for any occasion, and thus the urge to vandalize must be ignored for the very short amount of time that it takes to use the bathroom. These behaviors are inconsiderate and costly, and these vandalism-ridden habits must come to an end.

If bathrooms themselves are the root of these feelings, perhaps students could instead flush various objects down the toilet from the comfort of their own homes. Not only would this be easier to accomplish, but it would not inconvenience an entire population of teachers and students. The students’ parents could then take disciplinary action instead of the school. If bathrooms are not the motivator, maybe students should take time to evaluate exactly why they are acting this way and seek out other constructive solutions. 

Vandalism itself is never a necessary action, but removing the function of a necessary public space is completely unacceptable. The consequences force students to search the hallways to find a bathroom to use, wasting precious class time; already hardworking custodians have to clean up a disgusting mess, which should not be their responsibility; and the school has to pay someone to repair the damages. Students who vandalize mindlessly fail to show compassion and consideration for other students and staff. 

In other countries, a staggering percentage of students have reported feeling physically and mentally impacted by the state of the bathrooms. They are unfunctional, unclean  and all-around unusable in many places around the world. Trinity High School is fortunate enough to have clean, functioning bathrooms; students must not take this for granted by ruining them. 

The act of ruining something for no reason at all is very childish. The punishment that everyone faces is similar to the times that an entire class of elementary school students would lose recess time over the actions of one. Except this isn’t recess time that is being taken away, it’s an everyday action necessary for students and staff. High school students should find more mature ways to spend their time, perhaps picking up a hobby or joining a Trinity extracurricular would be beneficial. 

Bathrooms are a right, not a privilege, and taking away the use of them because of petty crimes is unacceptable. Soon enough there will be no available bathrooms left. Trinity students must do better; this vandalism cannot continue.