Countdown to graduation commences


Photo courtesy of Trinity Olympus

Seniors decorate graduation caps to reflect an image of themselves on their big day! Here is an example from last years graduating class.

As the school year works its way through the second semester, one thing is looming in the shadows: graduation. Let the countdown begin! Graduation is a scary thing to think about. One minute you are a freshman entering the doors of Trinity High School for the first time, and then you are a senior applying for colleges and universities and planning the next step in your future. This is a good thing to embrace, though!

Trinity’s graduation is set for June 3, 2022. With that being said, there is much to be done to get ready for the big day. It is now February, halfway through the school year. You may be asking yourself… where should I be… where is everyone else? Where should I be in the college process? 

Many students have already made their commitments to universities and colleges, but if you haven’t yet, it is a simple process. Talk with your guidance counselors to find out what materials you will need for the application process, i.e transcripts, recommendation letters, etc. 

Apply through CommonApp or through the university/college itself. Make your deposits as soon as possible! Lots of schools have deadlines on many of their requirements, and these deadlines are approaching fast. Complete everything so that you are able to sit back and relax. 

Senior Jacqueline Hancher spoke about how far along she is in the process: “I have started filling out [forms for] dorms and expenses. It’s been weird, scary and exciting getting ready for college. I feel like I should still be a freshman.”  

This is a totally normal feeling. Time has passed by in the blink of an eye and your childhood and teen years are coming to an end.

Now that the biggest stress, college planning, is hopefully completed, what fun things are coming up for Trinity? Prom! 

Prom is set for May 20. Girls, it’s time to dress shop. Senior year is the time to shine. Pull out all the stops. Be different, be unique, be YOU. Stand out. Make the last high school dance ever a night to remember! 

While reminiscing, take a look back on your years here at Trinity High School. Students enter at the young age of thirteen or fourteen and leave as a legal adult. Events, experiences and people during those years are what have shaped you to be the person you are now. Everyone matured and grew differently. Remember to be proud of how far you’ve come and know that this is just the beginning of a new chapter. Take the lessons you’ve learned into that new chapter  of your life. Hopefully, high school has prepared you for the real world.

Isabella Naddeo, senior, tells how her time here at Trinity has made her into who she is today: “Looking back at my years at Trinity, I think it has shaped me pretty well for life after graduation. I feel like I have learned a lot and 

have made a lot of nice friendships. I regret not appreciating time. I feel like I was a freshman just yesterday, and now we are graduating. Although it is sad, it is also exciting to see what will happen in the future.” 

Hancher also commented on her time here: “I think that the teachers have helped prepare me for what college is going to be like. Trinity has even helped me get ready socially. I came to Trinity freshman year and did not know anyone. It was hard at first but I just had to learn to reach out and make friends. I feel like this will help me make friends in college easier since I have done it before. I regret not taking more pictures of friends and important things. I look back at pictures all the time to relive the moment and remember everything that happened.” 

As nostalgic it is to look back on your time here, also look ahead at what your future will hold. Think of all the new people you meet, all the new memories you will make, and all the new experiences you will endure. There is much lying in wait for you, therefore, graduation is what you make it. If you approach it as a scary experience, you will fear for the next steps. Embrace it!

 These next few years will be the best years of your life. Graduation opens the door for you. Step on through. Now, the countdown to graduation, there are exactly 98 days until the big day!