Trinity Wrestling team’s new season begins


Courtesy of Coach Reihner

The Trinity wrestlers pose for their intimidating team photo. The Trinity Wrestling team along with the rest of us are looking forward to a successful season.

Wrestling is a sport in which the player relies on their physical capabilities, but there are also mental games in wrestling matches that prove to be just as tough as their physical counterparts. The Trinity Wrestling team is overcoming these hurdles and many more one step at a time. As of January 14, 2022, the team has a record of two wins and one loss.
Fortunately, COVID-19 has not had much of an effect on wrestling practices or matches this year. Therefore, the team has had more opportunities to get together and put their all into wrestling.
That being said, the Trinity Wrestling team has some obstacles to overcome during the season.
“It seems every time one person comes back, two more get injured,” says Coach Reihner
As for who represents the team as captain, they can be in any grade. The captains that represent the Wrestling team this school year are Seniors Andrew Gonzales, Drew Cain, Adam Gill and Junior Ty Banco.
Reihner commented, “Most of our players have an idea of what is expected of them, and hold themselves to high standards.”
Ty Banco, a player and captain who participates in the heavyweight class, craves the competition to see how the results reflect the time and effort put into wrestling. Banco stays motivated by wanting better results, so he always strives to perform at his best.
If Banco could describe this season with one word, it would be, “Fight. Although some of our players have suffered injuries, many wrestlers have responded by choosing to step up their game for the team.”
The wrestling practices consist of a warm up run, dynamic stretches, light drills, intense drills, followed by wrestling and conditioning before the practice is over. However, conditioning and weight lifting is more prominent in the off-season.
Everyone on the team has set their sights on making it to the playoffs this year and are trying their hardest to do so. Both the coaches and the team would greatly appreciate support at their next meet at Brooke High School on January 22 at 10am. Fans can also cheer them on at the sectional tournament on February 26. The time and place for the sectional tournament is to be determined.