Student of the Month: January – Claudia Capelli


It is my pleasure to nominate Claudia Cappelli for THS Student of the Month. She has definite goals to achieve and is on her way to that end. She is never one to just quit; she displays fortitude to keep going and push herself forward. What impresses me the most about Claudia is her spirit of cooperation and willingness to work hard each and every day. 

As a member of the National Honor Society, Claudia is very dependable and conscientious. She requires no supervision or reminders to get work done and her work is always completed correctly. The National Honor Society is based upon four pillars: leadership, scholarship, character, and service. In terms of leadership, Claudia is not only an active member of the National Honor Society but is also an active member of the Student Council. Pertaining to scholarship, Claudia is a highly motivated, dedicated, and responsible student. She achieves her goals through her own personal drive. Regarding character, Claudia makes ethical choices and does the right thing regardless of personal gain or whether or not someone is paying attention. She is well-mannered, pleasant, and friendly to her classmates. She has an enthusiasm for learning, and I always see her with a cheerful demeanor. Furthermore, Claudia’s service to her school and community has not gone unnoticed. Her documented hours for the National Honor Society include contributing to our monthly collections, participating in events in and around the high school, and assisting with Trinity Youth Girls’ Basketball. 

Moreover, Claudia has shown that she is a wonderful scientist whose hard work is quite apparent. Her drive to push herself further, to better become the individual she wishes to be, is a testament to her will. In November 2021, Claudia and I had the pleasure of attending “Empowering Women in STEM” at California University of Pennsylvania. Claudia was recognized for her achievements in her Science & Mathematics courses. She chose interesting breakout sessions on the topics of Chemistry & Forensic Biology. She actively participated in the hands-on activities of each session. It was a great experience for both of us. 

In conclusion, Claudia Cappelli is a great example of what a Trinity Hiller should be. It is with great pride that I offer this recommendation of Claudia Cappelli for the Trinity High School Student of the Month for January. Nominated by Mrs. Melanie Rush