It is the Battle of the Christmas Toys: early 2000’s vs. late teens, today


This image was accessed via Google Images under the Creative Commons License.

Toys upon toys will be piled up under Christmas trees on the eve of December 25. Children everywhere will be waiting to rip open the wrapping paper and see if they got the top Christmas toy of the year!

Children look forward to Christmas every year. It is long awaited. The anticipation over who will get what gift and who will have the most presents under the tree is what every little kid feels leading up to Christmas Eve. 

Toy manufacturers also feel a sense of anticipation, as they wait to see how their sales will spike and whose toy will top the “Favorite Toy of  Christmas” list. For the year 2000, the favorite toy was a Razor Scooter. This ankle-killer  became the most wanted toy for Christmas that year after Dan Green, American voice actor, landed a backflip using one. Razor’s sales soared.

Then, in 2001, Barbie relinquished its crown as the top-selling toy geared toward girls to the one and only, Bratz. Bratz dolls took the throne and dominated little girls’ wish lists that year. Within their first five years, 125 million products were sold worldwide.  2002 consisted of Beyblades. They were so popular that a television show series was created. The Robosapien took both 2003 and 2004 by storm. More than 1.5 million units were sold in 2004 alone. Finally, in 2005, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 beat out Sony’s Playstation 3. 1.5 million units were sold by the end of the year. 

Now, eleven years later, things look a little different. The Christmas of 2016 was dominated by not one, but two top toys: Hatchimals and the NES Classic. Hatchimals were interactive eggs that hatched into toys and the NES Classic was a re-release of Nintendo’s 1988 NES with 30 preloaded games like “Super Mario Bros.” and the “The Legend of Zelda.” In 2017, Fingerlings, which were heavily advertised on Youtube, took the cake. Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set Melissa & Doug was the most popular toy of 2018. It is a 24-piece pretend play vet set with a plush dog and cat and fun veterinarian role playing accessories. In 2019, Fisher-Price’s Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth was number one on the TOP 30 toys for Christmas list. This toy is actually aimed for babies. It gets them moving and learning with exciting lights, music, songs and groovy dance moves. Last year’s top toy was a 7.5 inch tall Star Wars Baby Yoda. The Mandalorian came out on Netflix last year, and people went nuts. This little guy became everyone’s, Star Wars fanatic or not, favorite. 

Now, expert Peter Jenkinson, AKA  “The Toyologist,”  predicts the top toy for this Christmas. Drum roll please…PAW Patrol Movie Ultimate City Tower Playset. However, others claim that this top toy will be Scalextric Batman vs. Superman. No one will know until Christmas is over. 

Toys are something that will never go out of style when it comes to gift giving. Head on over to your local toy store and snatch up these top toys for the kiddos in your family.